Morning-after pills aren't legally sold anywhere in the Philippines.
When it comes to sex, I'm as vanilla as they come. I couldn't really talk about sex with some of my friends, who often had multiple partners or regularly got invited to BDSM balls. Sure, as a bisexual
'Are you sure it's mine?'
1. "Are you sure it's mine?" - Teresa, 22"Sampal yan sa face ng babae. Parang he's accusing you of sleeping around," says our respondent. Also, the pregnancy hasn't even been confirmed yet, and you're bringing up issues of
"There's no way I'm buying a pregnancy test."
1. "Crap, my period is late." It might just be a day or two, but since you started having sex you've been playing the period waiting game even if you use protection. Because you can't really know for sure until
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