Boyfriend Philmar Alipayo teaches her daughter, Ellie, how to surf, too!
Pregnant at six months with her second child, Andi Eigenmann shows that she can still ride the waves in Siargao. The surfer mama is enjoying the summer season with her daughter, Ellie, and her boyfriend, pro surfer Philmar Alipayo. Swipe to see
Are those pregnancy cravings or are you just really hungry?
In Hollywood movies and TV shows, whenever a storyline leads to a character finding out that she's pregnant, the "sign" or indicator is usually morning sickness. She stops mid-sentence, puts a hand over her mouth, and runs to the nearest
The proud mama is having an amazing vacation in Hawaii with her family.
At 25 weeks pregnant, Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio is glowing in Hawaii, where she's vacationing with her husband, Joseph Bonifacio, and their son, Philip. The proud mama shows off her baby bump "with all the bruises from all the injections I've
The second-time mama vows to re-commit to a healthier lifestyle for the 'little pear' in her womb.
Currently about 18 weeks pregnant with her second child, Andi Eigenmann opens up about her pregnancy weight struggles. On Instagram Stories, she shares throwback photos from when she was pregnant with her firstborn, Ellie, about seven years ago.Andi says, "My OB
The answer is surprising.
Whether you're trying to get pregnant or trying not to get pregnant, understanding how our bodies work can be hella confusing. Occasionally things that seem obvious can be so wrong (no, a penis cannot touch the baby's head while having
'Please do not ask who is lacking or whose fault it is.'
The great thing about the whole move toward women empowerment is how women's choices are respected nowadays. If she is happy to be single, loves dating, or doesn't want to have kids, that's her choice and no one faults
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on July 26, 2018!
Gloria Diaz posted on Instagram a cute bonding moment between her and her grandson, Baltie! In the clip, she can be seen cooing and talking to him while he adorably smiled! Baltie, whose real name is Balthazar Gabriel Daza Semblat, is the
Who knew dogs behaved differently around pregnant women?
Some of the initial symptoms of pregnancy are obvious: Missing a period, getting morning sickness, and having tender boobs. But some signs are less common, and you wouldn't always know they might be an indication of pregnancy.On a Reddit
'We found out that I had a TWIN PREGNANCY.'
Heart Evangelista is expecting her first child with husband Chiz Escudero! The actress made the exciting announcement on Instagram earlier this week. On May 17, Heart posted a photo of her first ultrasound, revealing that she and Chiz were expecting twins: "Unfortunately,
Cancel all your plans.
If your partner has a penis and produces sperm, the idea of "trying to get pregnant" sounds really fun at first. You get to have sex as often as you can, all with the knowledge that you're gonna be making
Get me on that treadmill.
While some women are told they're "glowing" during pregnancy, for others it's a generally draining experience. Growing a baby can sap you of energy, and the thought of exercising is -unsurprisingly-not high up on your list of
Doctors answer.
It makes sense that during pregnancy you want to be as careful with your body as possible. After all, you are growing a whole new human being inside you. While plenty of women report their partners try to be more gentle with
That second trimester, though.
Although having sex while pregnant is considered safe in most cases, every woman is going to approach it a little differently. Here, seven women break down exactly how it felt to get it bumping with a baby bump.*Names have been changed.
Drop absolutely everything.
Thanks to TMZ, Kylie Jenner and what appears to be a baby bump have finally been spotted in the wild for the first time since September. Kylie, who is reportedly pregnant with her first child-a girl-with boyfriend Travis Scott, surfaced
Check out this photo and tell me that’s not a crib…
Well. If this isn't the biggest hint that Kylie Jenner is indeed pregnant, then I just don't know what it.Kylie, 20, has taken delivery of what really, really, REALLY looks like baby furniture.This paparazzi photo shows a bunch
It's personal.
According to a new Us Weekly report, there's a good reason Kylie Jenner has been extremely private since news first broke of her reported pregnancy. As one insider says, Kylie's decision to lay low is "strictly personal preference."
The photo evidence is very compelling.
Kylie Jenner is reportedly pregnant (much like everyone else in the Kardashian family), but wait-what if she's already given birth in secret.Thanks to the re-discovered photos of the beauty entrepreneur looking very pregnant in September, the internet
'I had always wanted bigger boobs, but I found myself really not enjoying it.'
When your body is making room to grow another human, it makes sense that things might get shifted around and change during the process. You're certainly familiar with the obvious changes, but what about some of the lesser talked-about
Here are the many celebrity pregnancy announcements that made us double-tap those heart buttons!On January 26, Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica revealed they were expecting their first child together and that they've been engaged since October 2016.Kylie
Sarah gets real about the stigma she's experiencing as a pregnant woman.
Sarah Lahbati, who's currently six months pregnant, revealed on social media that she's been experiencing body shaming because of her changing pregnant body. The actress posted a note on Twitter and on Instagram to address the issue. She
A baby bump has never looked so glam.
Kate Middleton shined at Friday's Royal Variety Performance in her Elsa-esque Jenny Packman gown. She arrived with Prince William at the London Palladium Theater and was just as sparkly and glittery as a princess should be. Also: A baby
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