That special dress you picked out isn't staying on for long.
STEP 1: EXFOLIATEIdeally, you should exfoliate your body thrice a week. But because we know how tempting it is to just sleep in instead of devoting a few more minutes in the shower sloughing off dead skin cells, we suggest making a
Is your guy lackluster in the lip-locking department? Check out these Cosmo tips to smooth out his smooching skills.
The only thing worse than a kiss that fails to make your toes curl? One that turns you off completely. "Compatible kissing is important because it's how partners communicate intimacy," says William Cane, author of The Art of Kissing. "It's
Ditch the conventional tenets of female arousal along with the passe trends of 2010. Here, Cosmo's new ways to enjoy sex--for a wilder, sexier 2011!
CONVENTIONAL WISDOM: You have to feel desire to get aroused. BOLD NEW THINKING: You don't need to be in the mood to get excited.For eons, women have been told how complicated their bodies are, especially sexually. And while it's
We're giving you more sex tips and tricks to try with your man, for a hot, hot, HOT Christmas!
Fulfill your man's every fantasy with these mind-blowing moves.
1. On a hot night, lick the salt off each other's sweaty bodies. 2. Take a steamy shower together...but with the lights out. 3. Stay silent all through the action and just listen to your breathing. 4. Make missionary sex
Find out how you can drive him wild without even going below the belt (yet!).
You may already know how to get a rise out of your man below the belt, but to make him really ache with desire, you have to aim higher. Our guide on how to touch, tease, and tantalize his torso will teach
Men divulge the most mind-blowing moves you could ever do to them in the sack.
Think you're running out of tricks for your man? Worry not, because we've got you covered. Cosmo asked men to share a few mattress moves that really threw them off the edge. 1. "My ex would save old trash-bound
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