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LOL sleep.
1. It's nearly impossible to sleep uninterrupted for long periods of time during the day, thanks to interruptions like calls from telemarketers. You might even have friends that call you just to chat because they thought today was your day off
'I feel lucky to have such a strong support system when things get rough and feel overwhelming.'
Reality star-turned-supermodel Kendall Jenner relies on distractions and a strong support system to help her deal with emotional lows.The 20-year-old has quickly become a leading trendsetter and an in-demand runway star, and on Monday she opened
We feel for you, Nadz.
Instagram/@nadzlustreNadine Lustre's life has gone through really, really tough times in the past few weeks.The extremely private Kapamilya actress kept mum about the passing of her grandmother a couple of weeks ago. She only shared this beautiful snap of
Yes yes, we know where the clitoris is.
1. Seeing a vagina for the first time. Nothing can prepare you. You can talk a good game. You can look things up online. You can ask your "more experienced" friends who are lying to you about all the sex they have
Bye bye, money.
1. You spend a lot on food more than other people do. Because you love it more than anything else, of course food gets the highest budget of all. With a growing food scene in the metro, you just have to try
Your face hasn't learned that we're in a major drought yet.
1. Arriving everywhere 15 minutes early so you can stop sweating. "Oh don't mind me; I'm just staring at this very interesting elevator bank and praying for the water to stop cascading down my face."2. Sometimes bringing a change
When your female friends ask you why you haven't gotten together with one of them yet.
1. When you're preeeetty sure one of your guy friends likes you and you don't feel the same way. Please, for the love of god, never confess your feelings and if you do, please, do not do it on my
When you just love each other so much, but of course, not as much as food.
We believe that all couples are secret foodies. There's a good reason why dates involve eating 90% of the time and that's because most of us find eating as the best way to keep relationships stronger. But if you think
The oils on your cheeks are your greatest enemy.
1. Picking out new glasses is stressful. Choosing The Perfect Pair is so important because the frames you pick will absolutely define you as a person until you get your next pair of glasses. So choose wisely and be true to yourself,
I love being a busty girl. But the season does pose some special challenges for the large-chested.
1. Underboob sweat. And then you go inside into arctic air conditioning and you have...dried underboob sweat. There is no worse feeling than dried underboob sweat except maybe...2. The other special hell that is being big-boobed: removing a sweaty
You dread holidays. Especially Christmas and Holy Week.
1. Long weekends make you sad.It means you need to bank one million stories ahead of the break. Which means you have to go online every day to check if they actually went live during the long break. Which means, what
Sleep is for the weak.
1. You're always MIA.While all your other friends are having the time of their lives during the weekends, you're stuck in the library memorizing the different kinds of pathological lesions and their etiologies. Wait, what? 2. If you don'
Should you forgive him after he strays? Answering these important queries will help you see the issue in a better light and come to a clear decision.
1. Was it a one-time thing or something more?Don't forget that, either way, your guy was still unfaithful and disrespected your bond. But, it may be harder to put it behind you if it was an ongoing hook-up
Don't let <i>nega</i> vibes get the best of you. We'll teach you how to transform your unpleasant emotions into something positive.
We've all heard that old saying about turning fate's lemons into lemonade. In our modern lives, this would translate to catching up on chick lit at the airport while waiting for endlessly delayed stormy-weather flights, turning a former potted
Having trouble getting over the edge? Find out what sabotages your chances of climaxing, and learn how to deal with it.
1. Your guy annoyed you.You may have trouble feeling intimate (i.e. orgasmic) with him until you've addressed what's been bothering you.2. You're trying too hard.Worrying about when you're going to
Stay happy and positive. Read on to find out how you can kick the <i>nega</i> thoughts.
Problems are unavoidable in life. The best way to deal with this is to tackle your concerns one at a time, without overthinking the issues or allowing yourself to sulk for longer than necessary.Studies show that the process of rumination, or
Did your attempt to impress him completely bomb? Here's what you can do to make up for that major boo-boo.
If your bowl-him-over move backfired, smooth things over with these three steps.Source: Communication coach Peggy Klaus, author of Brag! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It