Pizza lovers unite!
Truth time: I would choose pizza over pasta or any other carb dish out there. There's just something about the greasy, gooey goodness of it that takes my breath away. And my love for pizza is unconditional.Ugh, okay, I&#
Two words: happy hour!
Auntie Anne's is really the gift that keeps on giving. ICYDK, they're celebrating a major milestone-25 years-in a *big* way: a special P25 promo all year. Every 25th of the month, one thing from their menu
And it's valid in all Auntie Anne’s branches!
So you're casually strolling through the mall, thinking about where you want to eat for merienda or where you want to grab a quick bite before you head to your meeting, then suddenly, you stop 'cause a familiar smell
Shout out to my ex.
Not that you needed a reminder, but there are tons of reasons why you should block your ex: They're toxic; they cheated on you; you've drunk-texted them multiple times. And of course, the most important reason of all: You
Start the year strong without hurting your wallet.
Some women prefer to start their fitness journeys in the comfort of their homes. TBH, it's also the cheapest option: just a laptop, a mat, and maybe a couple of dumbbells. Others, however, need to be in a space that isn'
Only on Mondays for P1,950 per head!
TBH, I can't remember the last time I was *this* excited about food because, unless you live a life of luxury, how often do you get to eat as many lobsters as you want?!From May until August 2018, Marriott
Is it safe to say that they're back together?
It seems like Bea Alonzo is on good terms again with rumored beau Gerald Anderson after the whole "unfollowing" controversy in March. To recap, Bea unfollowed both Gerald and his My Perfect You co-star Pia Wurtzbach on Instagram and erased all
There's a new prom queen in town.
It's prom season, and Kylie Jenner is here to paaaartaaaay!On Saturday night, the youngest Jenner showed up at Rio Americano High School in Sacramento to accompany a junior named Albert Ochoa to prom. Teens all over California's capital shared
What an ending to this modern-day fairy tale!
The story of Miss Bulgaria Violina Ancheva's blue gown finally has its grand ending. It was recently worn by Zyra Nicole Cifra to her prom, and she looked incredible!In a Facebook post published on March 10, Violina herself shared a
Her dress was designer, of course.
There is nothing that truly haunts us more than our prom pictures. That halter neckline that seemed so chic at the time, the shawl which we borrowed from our mom, and that teeny-tiny bag that couldn't even hold our Nokia...
She finally said yes after his second try!
Instagram/poevirginiaSo this came out of nowhere.Lovi Poe just agreed to go to prom with a Grade 11 student from Colegio San Agustin (CSA). Say what?!The Kapuso hottie told the charming story of CSA student Kurt Xavier Rafanan
Attention CGs! We have an important question to ask.
Think your skin is safe? Think again. One of the culprits for your dry skin is right around the corner.Cast your votes on our poll below and let us know which of these causes your dry skin. Who knows? You might
Share your "In Control" story and get a chance to be A!life's newest brand ambassador <i>and</i> score a fab makeover and photo shoot care of!
We all have our own success stories to tell, whether it's landing your dream job, running a household, or bouncing back from a horrible breakup. As Cosmo girls, we know that being fun, fearless females is all about going after our
Internet browsing has never been this rewarding: A new lifestyle website plus three new broadband sticks give you access to perks and discounts that will let you fully indulge in your passions!
Ever wished there was a website that exists solely to give you VIP access to privileges that let you enjoy your specific passions to the fullest-be it fashion, travel, gadgets, games, music, or culture? Well, now there is:, created
This summer, Starbucks gives in to your every wish, letting you customize your fave drink, giving it at half off every Monday, and bringing you new and old fave treats to go with it. Plus: scratch cards!
Even with all the options now offered at coffee shops, do you ever find yourself still searching for your very own perfect drink? This summer, you just might find your coffee match, as Starbucks Coffee finally lets you be your own barista
Try out these restaurant group platters that are perfect for huge appetites--on a tight budget!
Since we all have several days off this month, thanks to sembreak (for college students) and the upcoming long weekend (October 29-November 1), why don't you round up the gang for a food trip that's tailored to barkadas? Lucky
Promo alert: We've got a list of ongoing BEAUTY events, sales, and freebies available to you! Hint: Start holiday shopping NOW!
While it is true that beauty is an investment, nothing beats snagging quality products at affordable prices. With the holidays fast approaching, it's time you start thinking about what gifts to get your loved ones--yes, as early as now! You
We look forward to seeing these winners of TWO TICKETS EACH at the HOTTEST party of the year! See if you're one of them!
These loyal readers win TWO TICKETS EACH to the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2011 on September 15, 7PM, at the World Trade Center in Pasay for being among the best "hunters" in our Cosmo Bachelor Bash Scavenger Hunt promo! These girls
From themed attractions to beach destinations, amazing events, and shopping promos, summer in Hong Kong is truly <i>spectacular!</i>
Hungry for a holiday away from our rainy metro? With the four-day weekend from August 27 to 30 fast approaching, it's the perfect time to plan a trip to a place where it's still summer! (Not to mention, the
It's all about BEAUTY in Cosmo this month, so we wanted to keep you updated on the latest lust-worthy gadgets for busy college chicks and working girls!
Gone are the days when gadgets only came in basic black and silver shades preferred by guys. With nearly everyone becoming techie nowadays, it's only fair that us girls should have our pick of products suited to our needs and personalities.
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