Us? Getting something about chocolate wrong? SURELY NOT.
Seeing as we're pretty much experts when it comes to chocolate, we've always presumed we were correct in thinking the Belgian chocolate brand with the incredible truffles and delightful chocolate drops Godiva is pronounced God-EYE-vuh.But prepare for
This whole time.
Who doesn't love Zara? The Spanish high street retailer is one of our first stops whenever we go shopping, because really, who can resist those runway-inspired looks? You know the drill: "Babe, can we pass by Zara? Parang I wanna
How do you pronounce Givenchy, Stila, and Yves Saint Laurent? We've got you covered, from A-Z.
Girl, if you think you're the only one who has a difficult time pronouncing the most sosyal sounding brands, think again! Yup, even we editors ask Google-or each other-for help. Lately we've been obsessed with saying foreign brand
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