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They had the shoot in one of Turkey’s super IG-worthy destinations, Cappadocia.
Engaged couple Rodjun Cruz and Dianne Medina recently shared their prenup photos from their trip to Cappadocia, Turkey. The region is known for its "fairy chimneys" or cone-like rock formations, hot air balloon tours, and woven carpets and tapestries. These were
Their announcement comes just after Anthony's twin brother David Semerad's engagement to Gwen Zamora.
Sam Pinto and Anthony Semerad just revealed that they're getting married! The actress and the basketball player shared these sweet posts with the ring emoji to celebrate their engagement.Sam said, "I am all yours. No refunds."Anthony said, "True love
And definitely super public!
Local showbiz is definitely buzzing with preparations for the upcoming Star Magic Ball-from deciding what to wear to securing a date.Here's a list of the sweetest and most public proposals, so far:Edward Barber and Maymay EntrataFans went crazy
It's not all private planes and perfect pyrotechnic displays.
1. George and Amal ClooneyEven the eternally smooth Mr Clooney managed to eff up his proposal to human rights lawyer Amal.George had his playlist of romantic songs ready as he prepared to propose, but domestic duties suddenly called."I've got
'If I had known I was going to be proposed to that day, I would've at least worn heels!'
Any marriage proposal, whether intimate or elaborate, will always be kilig-inducing, but there's just something about those that involve a flash mob-a group of people who come together for an unexpected performance-that makes us think of the lucky
Get ready to feel single AF.
Sorry, boys, but this might be the sweetest proposal ever. Despite not living too far from each other, Candice Catherine and her now husband Timothy used to write each other love letters. Candice said, "We sent letters because the idea of having
And he took the most spectacular engagement photo ever.
When Australian Dale Sharpe's first attempt to propose to his girlfriend went horribly wrong, he made sure the special moment would be one to remember second time around.Seven years after they got together, Sharpe, 34, finally succeeded in popping
'He was so nervous, he put the ring on my finger before I could even say yes!'
Those celebs can have their flash mob proposals and music video proposals-what these real proposals between real couples lack in production value, they make up for with creativity, comedy, and tons of kilig. Read on and prepare to swoon.Jason had
There's been a lot of ~heavy~ news lately, so maybe let's check out of 2016 for a hot second, and check into a proposal fit for a princess!Follow Laura on Twitter.***This article originally appeared on Minor
Shop within your means, Cosmo men!
Guys, you shouldn't feel any pressure to spend beyond what you can afford. Set a price range and stick to it! Whether you're working with a budget of P20,000 or P70,000, these engagement rings fit the bill.VIDEO:
One guy shares his experience with
Buying an engagement ring is not as easy as picking out a couple shirts or a pair of jeans. Budget aside, your boyfriend would also have to consider the design of the ring and the 4 Cs of diamonds. While he might
Carat weight alone won't determine the value of a ring!
Choosing the right engagement ring can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially to men who typically aren't as informed as women when it comes to jewelry. We'll be first to admit that setting a budget and figuring out the girl's
Guys, start taking notes.
First, we asked the single guys. Now, married and engaged men get real about the pressures of buying a ring-from deciding on the diamond's size to figuring out how much to spend on it. Getting down on one knee
He's made uncharacteristically romantic dinner/date/vacation plans.
It sort of goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: Don't take any of these as out and out guarantees your guy is about to pop the big question. I don't want anyone getting all excited and putting
'They were all pretty spectacular.'
Jennifer Lopez has had some "pretty spectacular" marriage proposals over the years.The "Jenny From The Block" singer has been married three times, and was also engaged to Hollywood hunk Ben Affleck, but during a chat with James Corden for his latest
Because one woman did!
Are diamonds still a girl's best friend? In a move that's far from conventional, one man asked for his girlfriend's hand in marriage by offering her-nope, not the typical diamond ring-but a bespoke Hermès Birkin! This
Three girls share their stories of popping the question.
My boyfriend and I didn't exactly have a "traditional" proposal. I had a broken leg and was sitting on a commode, with him by my side as a doting nurse. I proposed the agreement to be together forever. How could I
Airports, jeepneys, and lots of dancing.
Chito Miranda and Neri NaigThe plan: Parokya Ni Edgar front man Chito Miranda tricked girlfriend Neri Naig to "star" in a new music video. They even had a full camera crew to film the whole thing.What happened: After the director yelled "
It's a hat tip to their first date.
A couple of police officers in Michigan helped pull off an incredible wedding proposal recently and you absolutely must see the bride-to-be's reaction. When Trevor Ross was on his very first date with girlfriend Ashley way back in 2013,
Okay boys, time to step up your game.
Now this is what you call dedication. Dean Smith knew he wanted to marry his girlfriend Jennifer a year ago, but instead of popping the question right away, he decided to make a countdown proposal video that spanned 365 days. Every day