And definitely super public!
Local showbiz is definitely buzzing with preparations for the upcoming Star Magic Ball-from deciding what to wear to securing a date.Here's a list of the sweetest and most public proposals, so far:Edward Barber and Maymay EntrataFans went crazy
It's not all private planes and perfect pyrotechnic displays.
1. George and Amal ClooneyEven the eternally smooth Mr Clooney managed to eff up his proposal to human rights lawyer Amal.George had his playlist of romantic songs ready as he prepared to propose, but domestic duties suddenly called."I've got
'If I had known I was going to be proposed to that day, I would've at least worn heels!'
Any marriage proposal, whether intimate or elaborate, will always be kilig-inducing, but there's just something about those that involve a flash mob-a group of people who come together for an unexpected performance-that makes us think of the lucky
Get ready to feel single AF.
Sorry, boys, but this might be the sweetest proposal ever. Despite not living too far from each other, Candice Catherine and her now husband Timothy used to write each other love letters. Candice said, "We sent letters because the idea of having
And he took the most spectacular engagement photo ever.
When Australian Dale Sharpe's first attempt to propose to his girlfriend went horribly wrong, he made sure the special moment would be one to remember second time around.Seven years after they got together, Sharpe, 34, finally succeeded in popping
'He was so nervous, he put the ring on my finger before I could even say yes!'
Those celebs can have their flash mob proposals and music video proposals-what these real proposals between real couples lack in production value, they make up for with creativity, comedy, and tons of kilig. Read on and prepare to swoon.Pats and
There's been a lot of ~heavy~ news lately, so maybe let's check out of 2016 for a hot second, and check into a proposal fit for a princess!Follow Laura on Twitter.***This article originally appeared on Minor
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