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Why date someone who feels like they're entitled to determine what you do with your body?
Even as a guy, I'm all for some self-maintenance. Yes, I manscape. I don't think the expectation of basic body-hair grooming is unreasonable, in the same sense that I also shower and cut my nails occasionally. So no,
Shaving down there could lead to more than just razor burn.
For many women, pubic hair removal, whether through trimming, waxing, or shaving, is a regular part of life: One study found that some 62 percent of U.S. women remove all their pubic hair, while 84 percent do "some" grooming, and that
'I'm sorry, vagina. I'm sorry!'
Any person who's ever had a professional rip hair from his or her body knows just how painful waxing can be-even with years of experience. For some people (us), the anticipation can be kinda scary. And you're just lying
There's a reason we grow hair down there.
Pubic hair divides women; some love to feel like they're running wild in a meadow, some prefer to regularly mow the lawn, while others prefer to get rid of the grass completely. However you choose to groom (or not to groom)
'If I've made it to 26 while getting laid regularly and not having a stranger put hot wax on my vag, I'm really ok with that.'
While it seems commonplace for women to remove their pubic hair, there are many who remain adamant about not removing the hair they were #blessed with. spoke with four women about how they came to accept and love their pubic
Not for those with weak stomachs.
Yup, your eyes aren't deceiving you, and no, you don't need another cup of coffee. Today's OMG moment goes to Sarah Louise Bryan, a British woman who created a dress made of PUBIC HAIR.We know fabric can be