Ready your wallets—we’re going shopping.
There's no doubt that woven bags are having a moment. While this handbag looks like a quintessential summer staple, make no mistake because this versatile piece can be used with a dainty sundress or even with rugged denim jeans regardless
Backpacks are forever!
Whether you're a student or a professional, backpacks will always be the best companion to double as a roomy compartment and a fashion accessory.A pop of color is all you'll need to make your look a tad more interesting.
They're worth the splurge, too.
Accessories have always been the punctuation mark to our daily OOTDs, and bags are no exception. But we want purses that are stylish AND functional. Here's a list of double-duty bags we love:1. Errand Day + DateYou don't have
"Can you carry my shit?"
1. How many things do you keep in there? It's like a veritable Mary Poppins bag full of surprises. It doesn't even make sense that you can fit things like makeup and your wallet in there along with a bag
Pouches as chic as these aren't meant to be hidden inside your bag.
The cupcake connoisseur-turned-TV host reveals the contents of her Tory Burch bag.
OBSESSED.That's what we felt when we saw ETCETRA host Patti Grandidge's Tory Burch sling bag. It was sleek and small, making it super easy for her to rummage through it. You'd think it would be impossible to lose
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