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They're so cute!
Picture this: You're getting ready for a night out with your besties. You put on a cute outfit, slip into a pair of shoes, and pick a purse to match, too. Have you got everything you need? Phone, check. Keys,
Wow, I relate to none of this.
Things I, a fully-functioning adult female, keep in my purse: an alarming amount of coins, a tube of lipstick that dates back to 2008, a cellphone in precarious proximity to a leaky water bottle, and a credit card.Things Kate Middleton,
Put these on top of your wish list.
Introducing the investment bags all the chicest stars are dangling from their arms! Below, we indulge you with a lightning-quick roundup of their clear favorites-and we can easily predict that these are going to win spots on your wish lists,
Ready your wallets—we’re going shopping.
There's no doubt that woven bags are having a moment. While this handbag looks like a quintessential summer staple, make no mistake because this versatile piece can be used with a dainty sundress or even with rugged denim jeans regardless
Backpacks are forever!
Whether you're a student or a professional, backpacks will always be the best companion to double as a roomy compartment and a fashion accessory.A pop of color is all you'll need to make your look a tad more interesting.
They're worth the splurge, too.
Accessories have always been the punctuation mark to our daily OOTDs, and bags are no exception. But we want purses that are stylish AND functional. Here's a list of double-duty bags we love:You don't have to
"Can you carry my shit?"
1. How many things do you keep in there? It's like a veritable Mary Poppins bag full of surprises. It doesn't even make sense that you can fit things like makeup and your wallet in there along with a bag
Pouches as chic as these aren't meant to be hidden inside your bag.
The cupcake connoisseur-turned-TV host reveals the contents of her Tory Burch bag.
OBSESSED.That's what we felt when we saw ETCETRA host Patti Grandidge's Tory Burch sling bag. It was sleek and small, making it super easy for her to rummage through it. You'd think it would be impossible to lose
Who: Michelle Panemanglor, model. Bag: Gray tote.
As one of Cosmo's 8 Sexiest, Michelle Panemanglor can turn up the heat as she transforms from adorable to fierce in front of the cameras. While behind-the-scenes at a photo shoot, the Cosmo team got a glimpse of what
Who: Maxine Medina, model. Bag: Longchamp.
You've seen Maxine Medina as one of Cosmo's 8 Sexiest, and more recently, sporting our January cover girl's beauty looks. Want to see what's in her bag? Here, nine must-haves we found! 1. Her gadget of choice:
Who: Karina Cabiling, model. Bag: Charles & Keith.
Karina Cabiling, one of Cosmo's 8 Sexiest Models, let us raid her Charles and Keith bag during a photo shoot last year. Check out her eight model-worthy essentials.1. Karina always looks her best with the help of her trusty
We spotted the model-DJ at an event and got her to reveal her prettifying stash!
If you google the name Ornusa Cadness, chances are, you'll be flooded with images of the model-slash-DJ sporting a hundred different looks. That's because her gorgeous mix of Kiwi (her dad's from New Zealand) and Thai genes
Find out what Cosmopolitan Philippines' resident fashion expert brings to work everyday!
Cosmopolitan Philippines welcomed a few new additions to the team late last year, and one of them is our talented fashion director Ana Kalaw. You may have caught a glimpse of her in behind-the-scenes galleries and videos of shoots she
For our first What's In My Bag? feature this year, we're giving you your FIRST LOOK at what the five-time Cosmo cover girl carries in her designer purse.
The future looks bright for Bea Alonzo, who is entering 2012 with a new man by her side (actor and former Cosmo Man On Fire Zanjoe Marudo) and a hotter bod', which she happily flaunted on our fun and fresh January cover.
The former beauty queen and one of the hosts of TV5's <i>Sapul Sa Singko</i> shows us some of the practical <i>and</i> sentimental items she brings to work daily.
Pat Fernandez has come a long way since she was crowned Binibining Pilipinas-International back in 2008. You may have caught a glimpse of the 26-year-old in several commercials and TV shows, but now that she's the showbiz news
Our November 2011 cover girl opens up her designer bag for the <i>second</i> time! See the bare essentials she had in it this time.
Back in 2009, we introduced you to then showbiz newbie Carla Abellana when she appeared on the cover of Cosmo for the first time. Two years later, the beautiful 25-year-old actress has become an even bigger star after garnering praise
Our fun, fearless editor gives you a parting gift (aside from her touching ed's note): <i>another</i> peek inside not just one, but TWO of her work bags with over 30 of her essentials!
If you have a copy of this month's issue of Cosmopolitan, you've probably read editor-in-chief Zo Aguila's farewell Letter From The Editor (if you haven't yet, go grab a copy and read her touching goodbye message!).
Don't miss this FIRST LOOK at our October 2011 cover girl's pretty, purple purse and her daily essentials found inside!
The photo shoot for our October cover was significant for two reasons: first, it was Angel Locsin's FIFTH cover shoot for Cosmopolitan Philippines; and second, we finally got her to reveal the answer to the age-old question out of which's "What's In My Bag?" section is your fave section, hands down, as our web stats show. See which of the many celeb bags we've featured made it to this year's top list.
The Best of countdown continues! In celebration of our second birthday this month, we've revealed the top 10 beauty galleries and top 20 fashion galleries in the past year. Today, we're showing you something we know you'll