Find out what happened here.
I've always had puson even when I was in my teens. It never bothered me, except when low-waist jeans became uso. (BTW, I'm relieved that they're not making a comeback.) My pooch, however, did not
The more coverage, the better!
High-waisted jeans are a godsend. As they sit high up on the torso, they support the tummy without needing shapewear. Every girl must have one pair in her closet because of its versatile silhouette-you can wear it with sweaters, t-
No buffet pants necessary.
Step one in dressing for buffets (or any pig out sesh) is knowing that it's less about wearing something loose and more about the art of diverting attention. See our tried and tested style tips below:Dazzle everyone with a stunning
Being healthy and looking skinny don't necessarily go together.
1. YogurtSome types of yogurt can make you bloat, while others don't. A dairy product, yogurt contains the sugar lactose; but different varieties have different levels of lactose. If your body happens to have difficulty digesting the milk sugar and you
These are totally unexpected.
Feeling bloated? Sometimes, the key to a less bloated tummy (if you don't suffer from food intolerances or digestive issues, of course) is pretty straightforward: eat more fiber and more anti-inflammatory foods.Fiber is a pretty game-changing nutrient. It
Feel and look your best for that big event!
More than having nothing to wear and getting a bad breakout, a bloated tummy truly gets in the way of anyone's big event preps. The "eat healthy and exercise" tip sadly won't cut it at times like this. The quickest
No 'dyahe' moments at the beach!
Abs that could rival a Victoria's Secret model are well and good, but let's face it: They're not always a reality for the regular gal. Thankfully, swimsuits that conceal your tummy actually exist-perfect if you're feeling extra
Here's how you can finally have a flat and toned tummy.
It's the start of the year, and most of us are jumpstarting our #BalikAlindog goals. Losing the puson is a common target for most ladies because, well, #BikiniBody. Unfortunately, this area is stubborn to get rid of, and you need determination
You know, for all the eating you'll be doing.
The highlight of any Filipino celebration? Food-LOTS of it. But unless you plan to show up at your family reunion in a baggy old t-shirt and elastic-waist shorts (nothing wrong with that, but you'll probably want to dress
And it doesn't involve cutting out any food that tastes nice.
When I've finished off my bowl of pasta and can feel my stomach bloating to the size of a five-months-pregnant woman, I often pause for thought. Does everyone physically expand this much after eating, or is it just me?
Bye-bye, bulge!
Hey, it's okay if you don't have Marian Rivera's abs! What you do have is the fashion know-how to conceal that stubborn mid-section. Here, a couple of outfit suggestions from one Cosmo girl to another-in case
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