'He goes to my room to play my guitar and we'll jam lang every night.'
With strict rules about staying home as much as possible, many of us have been spending more time with the family. And yes, that probably means more bickering because we're together all the time, but the upside? Sweet, and sometimes
It's all about your schedule.
This is a love letter to all my kapwa overthinkers.Overthinking can happen at any given moment during this uneasy time in our lives, but it's especially stressful when those thoughts come flooding in when we're trying to
She made pasta, cookies, and many more!
When dining out seems impossible, you are ~forced~ to be creative in the kitchen. Julia Barretto is one of the Pinoys who have been busy cooking and baking to satisfy her gourmet cravings. In an Instagram post, Julia posted a photo series
Including how much they cost.
With so many food businesses popping up online, it can be pretty overwhelming. For instance, I wanted to get on that sushi bake bandwagon, but it seems like 15 shops opened up overnight, lol. The same thing happened when I became slightly
Here's what you need to know.
As someone who's from Pangasinan, Silantro has a special place in my heart. Even if there are already several branches in Metro Manila, my family and I still frequently dine at the original spot located in Dagupan whenever I'
Maskne is a thing.
I know this will sound vain, but I feel better when I wear makeup while doing tribute errands. It's no secret that getting groceries and other essential goods during the quarantine isn't a pleasant experience. Knowing that I
'Kumusta ka na? Ok ka lang ba?'
Perhaps the only good thing to come out of this pandemic is the amount of love and care we've seen in our own communities. We always used to complain that our commutes ate up too much of our days. Now
The DILG set the record straight regarding travel requirements.
Forced to quarantine in a city that isn't your place of residence?According to the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), you can finally go home as long as you have a medical certificate issued by the health
Meet Gila Cabudil and Nicole Aballa.
Many of us have spent the last two months in our homes, hunkering down until we're told that it's safe to go out again. But for best friends Gila Cabudil and Nicole Aballa, the enhanced community quarantine looked
Long lines are your life now.
Long lines, strict checkpoints, sold out goods, and empty malls. Welcome to the life of the quarantine tribute.When the pandemic struck, the government only allowed one person to go out to get essential goods like food and medicine. Being the first-
Stories of people who turned a year older in the time of COVID-19.
You had plans, BIG plans, for your birthday. 2020 was going to be *the* year. Then, the coronavirus hit. Without warning, the country was placed under enhanced community quarantine, and everything in your life was put on hold-yes, including those birthday
Pick your social media friends the way you do in real life.
With many areas still under quarantine due to COVID-19, people are spending so much time on social media just to stay connected and to keep abreast with what's going on in the world. As expected, however, too much of
Go ahead, give yourself some bangs. ;)
It's an awfully familiar situation: You're sitting at home, mindlessly scrolling through your feed when the *genius* idea of giving yourself bangs and coloring your hair crosses your mind. "It looks pretty easy," you think to yourself. After
And are you sleeping better or worse?
Saying that the COVID-19 pandemic and the enhanced community quarantine threw us for a loop is the understatement of the year. A lot of things changed and many of us didn't have time to process the information before we
Have you been reminiscing about your past trips?
The past two months have stretched my idea of time-so much so that it feels like we've been living this way for much longer. There are moments when our minds drift, back to when things were easier to digest.
Nope, you're not just imagining it.
Somewhere along the last 4,000 days of quarantine, amidst my billionth snack dance to the kitchen and zillionth existential crisis brought on by the news/a single meme, I realized my hair was...gross. It suddenly felt oilier, looked greasier, and
Sesame oil, cumin, and more!
Before the enhanced community quarantine, I was living that salt and pepper life (and mostly on eggs 'cause it was all I could make outside of canned goods). But quarantine forced me to explore all the aisles in the grocery and
Do you feel better? Worse?
We're almost two months into quarantine, and we don't know what's next: Will there be another extension? Or will the country slowly start opening its borders? People have had different reactions to this uncertainty: Some have
Public transport is still operational.
Australia is one of the few countries that have been applauded for their efforts in containing the coronavirus, making sure it didn't cripple their healthcare system. Taking it a step farther, Australia also launched a voluntary tracking app that'
You may be stuck indoors, but you can still make her feel special.
Mother's Day used to be a huge day for restaurants. Hours are filled and tables are booked. There are flowers, chocolates, gifts, and reunions. It's had a marked effect on our lives. But this time, we're
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