Basically, don't go near the Batasang Pambansa if you don't need to.
We're never sure what to expect during President Rodrigo Duterte's State of the Nation Addresses, but one thing that's always constant is the insane amount of traffic in Quezon City. The fourth State of the Nation
It's uncomfortable to watch, but it happens every single day.
We can't say this enough: Women experience some form of harassment every day. We don't know a single woman who's never been a victim of unwanted attention or sexual advances. KAMI published a video of a
Where food meets happiness!
Poblacion is great and all, but sometimes, you just want to be in a cool, quiet place where you and your friends can actually catch up in peace. Cafe Dominique, located in West Triangle, claims that this is "where food meets happiness,"
It's located on top of Stone House Bed and Breakfast on E. Rodriguez.
Everyone's talking about this new rooftop bar-slash-lounge in Quezon City: Hummingbird PH! It's on top of Stone House Bed and Breakfast on E. Rodriguez. Unlike most bars, it's clean, spacious, and 100 percent Instagram-
'To be discussed... over many burgers... and many days.'
Big Boy's Diner, located in Banawe, QC, might be the closest we'll ever get to experiencing Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe here in Manila.Every corner has a vintage feel to it-something your Instagram feed
Make your next get-together extra memorable!
Quezon City is a big, bustling (and sometimes underrated) place-North girls can attest to that. Whether or not you consider Q.C. as your 'hood, there are many reasons to explore it-chief among them the fact that there are so
Don't go bacon my heart.
There are few things more comforting than waking up to the smell of bacon, so when we found out that Oinkster offers unlimited bacon every single day, we just had to tell you. Located at 99 Maginhawa St., Teacher's Village, Oinkster
No budget for a trip abroad? You and your man can just satisfy your craving for global cuisine in this mall!
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