He's actually pretty scared of tripping with his pants down at his ankles.
For the sake of this list, a quickie occurs under some kind of time crunch, with the idea being that you're rushing through sex because you have somewhere to be or something to do soon. Otherwise, it's just "fast sex"
Maybe we shouldn't give in to these urges because my parents are 20 feet away?
1. We should have sex. We're both still awake. We're in this little guest room with nothing but an old 13" TV with a built-in VHS player. We should...you know...2. Please, can't we just do, like,
Got time to squeeze in a raunchy rendezvous with your man? Here are a few reminders to keep in mind.
1. Thou shall not ditch the condom. We know you just want to rip each other's clothes off, but safety first, ALWAYS. Unless you're on the pill or on some other type of contraception (AND monogamous!) DO NOT have sex
Meeting someone you instantly get along with can be exciting, but beware of getting too close too fast.
In Hollywood, chicks seem to become BFFs (Best Friends Forever) almost instantly, and their alliances fizzle out just as fast. Plenty of real girls participate in full-throttle friendships, too-sometimes with similar results. "Instant best friends give you a sense of
Try this collection of seductive stunts that involve a cotton cloth, a deck of cards, and...earplugs? Just trust us. Your honey will thank us for it.<br />
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