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We're talking about the OG series here.
While we are all happy and excited about the Meteor Garden reboot, we can't help but miss the original Shan Cai and F4 who were a huge part of childhood. #NostalgiaBut how well do you really know the series and
Are you ready for your next big adventure?
Traveling around the world sounds like a great idea, but anyone who's ever had to plan a big trip knows how stressful it really is. So let me be real: I realized that the first step to enjoying your next
The best kind of quiz is one where every answer feels like a win. ;)
There comes a time in every couple's life when you just have to make ~*important decisions*~ like choosing how to fuck tonight, LOL. Let us help you decide. [survey:430]Follow Ginyn on Instagram.
Is it 'ng' or 'nang?'
It's Independence Day and we came up with a quiz to test just how much you remember from Filipino class. Despite studying Filipino for years, a lot of us still get confused about basic rules when it comes to our national
Are you a true fan of Pinoy love teams?
Love them or hate them, love teams are a huge part of Pinoy pop culture. This may be the reason why teleseryes and movies featuring your favorite love teams become certified top-raters and box-office hits!Find out if you are
There’s single and there’s 'so single, ang sakit, sakit na!'
We'd like to preface this by saying that if you're happily single, then good for you, girl. You do you. But if you've ever wondered why you're single and if you're destined