If they can do it, so can you. You've got this.
There are days when you feel like you're on top of your game and no one and nothing can slow you down; but there are also days when you just feel like the biggest failure because not a single thing
For every kind of love.
Feeling extra romantic or cheesy lately? Here's a collection of the best love quotes of all time for every kind of love-no matter what stage you're in! "A guy out there was meant to be the love
'It might as well be an old man's beard.'
We're all about wearing your pubic hair in whatever style you like-whether that's loud and proud or trimmed and preened to perfection. Here are some celebs getting real about their bush (or not) styles...Speaking to Allure,
Spanning everything from her style inspiration to career advice.
Kate Spade started her eponymous fashion company in 1993, and even after she exited the company in 2007 to focus on raising her now-13-year-old daughter, the brand carried on with her signature colorful aesthetic and whimsical style. Here, a
You're definitely not alone.
Mental health problems affect a lot of people. And they don't take in to account how (delete as applicable) rich/ successful/ gorgeous/ famous you are, which means some of our favorite stars suffer too.Like Willow Smith, for example. Speaking
Hooray for vag-chat!
We love it when anyone talks openly and honestly about their vulva-even when it's Jessica Simpson and involving multi-colored sweets (read on if you really want to know). Here's 14 of the most awesome/weird things celebrities have
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