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Instagram and Snapchat have temporarily removed Giphy from stories.
If you're wondering why you don't see the recently added Giphy feature on Instagram Stories or Snapchat, it's because the two social media services removed it after an extremely racist gif was spotted in the gif
You don't mess with Yvette Felarca.
Fil-Am teacher Yvette Felarca, founding member of activist group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), was recently arraigned in court for punching a neo-Nazi, among other actions. Felarca teaches at the Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, California."The
Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim have left 'Hawaii Five-O.'
Despite all the glitz and glamour, wage inequality is a serious problem in Hollywood, and it extends beyond gender discrimination. Over the weekend, news broke that Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim, who play Kono Kalakaua and Chin Ho Kelly on Hawaii
Racism is a thing—and if you don't think so, then this show is probably for you.
The Long Story, Sans Spoilers"Dear White People," Samantha White, a biracial film major, student leader-slash-activist, and radio jockey says into a microphone, the contempt evident in her voice, "Here's a list of acceptable Halloween costumes: a pirate,
'Even this magazine that's supposed to be celebrating another culture, another type of beauty is not recognizing what it's supposed to be standing for.'
It was only last month that Kendall Jenner got caught in a social media backlash over her ill-advised Pepsi advertisement, which saw her co-opting protest and the #BlackLivesMatter movement into something that can be resolved by a white woman handing
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