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Yup, it seems like the pair is still together.
After all the ~drama~, it looks like controversial YouTube couple Camille Trinidad and Jayzam Manabat have patched things up. In their latest JaMill vlog, Camille addressed all their viewers to thank them for their concern and encouraging messages. "Sobrang thank you pa
Here are all the funny Pinoy viral vids that brought the laughs this year.
Is it really your social media feed if you don't encounter at least one funny viral video or post? You might have saved or bookmarked them so you can return to them on a rainy day, but instead of scrolling
The teacher was pressured to resign and to give up her license.
Netizens are buzzing about the issue surrounding a teacher who was accused of humiliating a student, ever since the case was aired on the show of broadcaster Raffy Tulfo. A grandmother filed a complaint against the teacher who sent her grandson outside