So why haven't you tried one yet?!
We're officially right in the middle of 2019, which means the new year ain't so new anymore-and, most likely, neither is your hair color. So let's shake up your look with a little color inspo,
From wigs to real dye jobs!
Give Arci Muñoz any hair color and you'd be hard pressed to find one she can't pull off. The actress-singer is a true hair chameleon, and an adventurous one at that-she has the track the
They're so affordable, too!
Have you been wanting to try rainbow hair but you're scared of bleaching and the major commitment involved? Try Penshoppe Colored Waxes! These are easy to apply, available in bold hues, and affordable at P149 per tub! See what each
We are living for it!
We thought Liza Soberano was just wearing a regular ponytail, but little did we know that she was hiding a surprise at the back: Pink-colored ends!Liza's hairstylist, Raymond Santiago, created the Barbie Doll-inspired 'do for the
We're reimagining our favorite celebs with unicorn-inspired locks!
While the rainbow and unicorn trends have taken the West by storm, it's still rare to see someone with bright, multi-colored tresses in the Philippines. Inspired by all the #hairgoals photos we keep seeing on Instagram, we decided to see
The road to peak unicorn is more complicated than you think.
After seeing the pretty rainbow hair photos that are flooding Instagram and Pinterest, we couldn't blame you for wanting to follow suit. But take note: The road to rainbow hair is more complicated than your typical single-process dye session.
First, there was galaxy hair, then came mermaid hair, followed by geode hair; and now, there's holographic hair. It doesn't look like the rainbow hair trends are stopping any time this year-AND WE FREAKING LOVE IT.But back to
It's called 'geode hair.'
The rainbow hair trend is showing no signs of fading (get it?) any time soon, and the latest multicolor trend is inspired by rocks. Yes, magical glowing rocks called geode-leading to the new look called geode hair. The style, according to
Safe around disapproving HR staff and strict parents!
Marie Claire just drew our attention again to a super fun hair color trend we wrote about before, and it's for every girl who's working in an office with a strict dress code.It's called hidden rainbow hair, and
~*fearless fringe*~
Instagram/hillstunesI first spotted rainbow bangs on Redken spokesperson and model Amber Le Bon, who debuted her new pink and rose gold fringe on Instagram.After seeing Amber's new 'do, I discovered that #RainbowBangs are a thing and they're all
Same woman, different day.
Meet Ursula Goff. She's pictured above on the left-and on the right.Goff is a Kansas-based hairstylist who specializes in rainbow hair color; she's a self-billed "amazing technicolor synesthete." Her work is the stuff of Willa Wonka'
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