Dresses aren't only for the summer!
The next time it rains, and you feel like ditching your usual jeans + top combo, take a cue from these fashion bloggers and opt for these rain-friendly dresses instead:This puff-sleeved maxi dress on Liz Uy is comfy and stylish,
Been stumped for rainy day footwear choices lately? We got you!
We usually have rainy days figured out: movies and series to watch, pajamas to wear, and snacks to gorge on. You know it-the ultimate self-care starter pack. But if you can't help but go outdoors when it'
Stay cute and warm in stormy weather!
Although the rainy season is the perfect time to wear waterproof boots, you usually end up removing them once you go indoors. TBH, you don't have to! Before you swap those wellies for your trusty pair of sneakers, check out
Rain-ready your wardrobe, stat!
There are cute jackets, and there are jackets that would actually keep you from getting wet when it starts pouring. But who says you can't have both? (Read: FUNCTIONAL AND CUTE!) Below, we've picked outerwear so chic, these will make
Be a bright ray of sunshine through your OOTDs!
Cool rainy days are notorious for making you want to stay tucked in your bed without any plans to leave, but unfortunately, that's hardly a possibility when you're a ~responsible adult~. Don't let that spoil your mood, however-lift
Take advantage of the cooler weather!
Us tropical girls rarely get a chance to bundle up in sweaters and jackets, which makes the rainy season the perfect excuse to do so. Welcome sweater weather with open arms in these adorable picks:Cropped sweatshirt, P595, BershkaOversized sweatshirt, P595, Pull &
Weather forces of nature in these.
Though it certainly won't repel water, dark denim is heaven-sent for hiding stains-which are pretty inevitable now that the rain is back in full force. This bagyo season, swap your light-wash jeans for some totally forgiving black or
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