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Their wealth from their properties can last them for a lifetime!
Living in South Korea is not cheap, especially in terms of housing. If you remember what happened to Park Bo Gum's hyung (older brother) in Record Of Youth, then you may have an idea of how difficult and expensive renting
Don't let the rain permanently destroy your go-to pair.
Wearing a soaking wet pair of shoes is never a good feeling, so it's understandable if you'd want to take yours off ASAP. But before you carelessly leave your shoes outside, know that not properly cleaning and drying
Been stumped for rainy day footwear choices lately? We got you!
We usually have rainy days figured out: movies and series to watch, pajamas to wear, and snacks to gorge on. You know it-the ultimate self-care starter pack. But if you can't help but go outdoors when it'
Stay cute and warm in stormy weather!
Although the rainy season is the perfect time to wear waterproof boots, you usually end up removing them once you go indoors. TBH, you don't have to! Before you swap those wellies for your trusty pair of sneakers, check out
Because white will never go out of style!
When the rain is pouring, white clothing is probably the last thing any person would want to wear outside. But we say, with the right style equation, wearing white during the rainy season is possible. See proof below! Wear yours with a
Leave that beat-up hoodie at home, girl.
We know dating can be stressful, especially if you can't say no to a hottie even in this weather! Fear not, we've taken the liberty of lining up a bunch of adorable outfit options to choose from. No
Get inspo from these celebs.
The rain is no excuse to look drab! While it's easy to just throw a jacket over whatever you're wearing, why not make a little effort and try a new look for the daily grind? Rain-ready and stylish at
Beat the gloomy weather with these fashionable OOTDs!
Rainy season is here, and you've got more reasons to layer and bring out your fancy coats and jackets. Below, check out what the stylish chicas of Instagram wear to beat the rainy gloom: Instead, opt for bright statement sweaters.Cap
A little drizzle shouldn't make you look drab!
In the Philippines, it's never just rainy or plain sunny. So to help you stay fresh and look polished in confused AF weather, we rounded up these beauty tips.1. Keep your hair away from your face...This is especially useful
Be a bright ray of sunshine through your OOTDs!
Cool rainy days are notorious for making you want to stay tucked in your bed without any plans to leave, but unfortunately, that's hardly a possibility when you're a ~responsible adult~. Don't let that spoil your mood, however-lift
Weather forces of nature in these.
Though it certainly won't repel water, dark denim is heaven-sent for hiding stains-which are pretty inevitable now that the rain is back in full force. This bagyo season, swap your light-wash jeans for some totally forgiving black or
Flip-flops are no longer an option.
The rainy season is back in full force, and ruined shoes and soaked feet are bound to happen. To address this rainy day fashion emergency, invest in good pairs of rain-proof shoes that will last you through any storm.Here are *
Save money while you're at it!
With the rainy season here, it's time to ~effortlessly~ transition your summer wardrobe to be more appropriate for gloomy days. And given how unpredictable our weather can be, it can be quite tricky to pick an outfit breezy enough for the
Skin, hair, and makeup tips!
1. Don't ditch the sunscreenJust because the sun isn't out doesn't mean that its harmful UV rays aren't sneakily wreaking havoc on your skin. Smooth on a high SPF sunscreen before stepping out of the house for optimum
Don't let the rain ruin your beauty game!
Don't let this gloomy weather stop you from looking like a million bucks. Here, a few beauty tweaks you can do to make you look more awake:1. De-puff. Fake eight hours of sleep by getting rid of the puffiness
Nope, it's not the weather.
Do you ever feel a little bit chilly even though people around you are saying that it's warm? Although it's normal to feel cold since the rainy season has just arrived, experiencing an unusual icy sensation, especially in the hands
Here, news you missed while you were sleeping.
1 We hope you're all safe and dry! Typhoon Glenda is expected to intensify until tomorrow. Charge all your gadgets while you still have electricity and make sure you have enough food and supplies at home. Keep these emergency numbers on
Stuck at home? No problem.
Rainy days getting you down? Don't fret; there's more to staying home than lying in bed the whole day (although that actually sounds appealing). Here, some quick tips to bust boredom.1. Give your room a budget makeover.With some
Don't let the rainy season dampen your mood!
We've rounded up totally doable trip ideas for girls who want to go out even when the weather isn't on their side. Not up for a full-scale trip? We've got rainproof activities to try within the metro, too.
These puddle stompers are perfect for dancing in the rain!
Now that summer's about to end, we're putting our short shorts, bikinis, and sandals at the back of our closets (sigh), and making room for clothes with more coverage. While that makes us a little sad, we're still excited