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They're accepting orders again!
How long has it been since your last bowl of ramen? It's been a month and a half since the quarantine started and now that it is extended for 15 more days, we can totally relate if your ramen cravings
It's only available until August 15!
When it comes to their Signature Kings, Ramen Nagi seems to always know what we want-even if it's not exactly what you would traditionally have on ramen. Case in point: Their Signature King for the month of August is
Wonderbowl by Ramen Nagi wows us once again!
When it comes to ramen, you might think that you've seen it all. But Wonderbowl by Ramen Nagi, Ramen Nagi's ramen bar-slash-izakaya, managed to surprise us when they first opened with over-the-top ramen bowls,
If you love all things spicy, check this out!
If there are two cuisines Filipinos can't seem to get enough of right now, it's Japanese and Korean. So we're not surprised that Ramen Nagi has decided to combine both for their new Limited King. Don&#
It's your lucky day, Q.C. folks!
Chilly weather is the perfect excuse to have ramen, and with Ramen Nagi's new branch at Eastwood City, you have a new place to satisfy your cravings. Plus, they're opening their 20th branch in the Philippines, and they&#
It's from a new restaurant called Wonder Bowl, and it's in BGC!
People always say that the key to winning at a buffet-apart from being there-is always hitting the expensive stuff first. It's why a lot of people always head for the sushi or seafood station first. But this new