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Plus, some of them are for free!
It's okay if you want to take a K-drama break. This gives you the option to explore other genres-say, catching up with our local indie scene! There are so many must-watch Pinoy indie movies and lucky for
Are you excited for their teleserye comeback?
Kim Chiu and Xian Lim's iconic ABS-CBN Ball moment made us feel like we were watching a real-life fairy tale! We want to see more of their kilig moments, so we gathered eight of the couple's
Here, news you missed while you were sleeping.
1 Ramon Bautista was declared persona non grata in Davao City, after his hipon jokes during the Kadayawan Festival. The Davao City Council called the comedian a "corrupt influence to the youth," adding, "There is a need to make Mr. Bautista understand
Here, news you missed while you were sleeping.
1 We can't stop watching Taylor Swift's latest music video! It is PERFECT. "Shake It Off" is the first single Taylor is releasing from her upcoming "1989" album, which hits shelves on October 27. In the meantime, you can watch
Tired of always being "just the friend?" You're not alone! Watch these funny yet helpful webisodes produced by Ramon Bautista.
Stuck in the friend zone? Ramon Bautista has all the answers! Since 2012, he has been producing YouTube webisodes called Tales From The Friend Zone with fellow filmmaker RA Rivera. Each episode is based on a true story sent to him via
Three couples spill how they make their unique relationships work.
As John Mayer once sang, "Friends, lovers, or nothing-there can only be one." He follows this up with: "There'll never be an in-between so give it up."Is Mr. Mayer right on track? We thought we'd interview three
More snaps from your favorite stars here!
We did a little celeb stalking (ah, our job is awesome) on Instagram this week, and our favorite stars have been busy, busy, busy!Vhong Navarro visits Europe, Shamcey Supsup gets engaged, Bea Alonzo does promo rounds for her new movie, and's <i>Bitter Endings: Top 100 Patama Quotes</i> book has <i>winner</i> lines to help you get over your bad breakup.
How can you forget your ex without having to resort to murder? believes that laughter is the best medicine, but snarky humor is best reserved for dealing with a relationship's ugly demise.We at Cosmo couldn't agree more!
When Formsping announced that it was shutting down, the first thing we did was raid Ramon Bautista's posts for LOL brokenhearted quotes. Girlies, you'll love these!
Known for his wit and da moves, Ramon Bautista's love advice became certified LOL favorites after he opened his account to the public.The premise is simple: readers send in love dilemmas, and Ramon answers in his trademark pilosopo
Lea Michelle visits Canada, Ramon Bautista snaps a sad photo with Janine Tugonon's ex, and Kendall Jenner sunbathes in Greece!
We're living vicariously through these stars' Instagram photos. Find out how they're enjoying the last month of summer!Leave it to Cosmo cover girl Belle Daza (@isabelledaza) to make us jealous of her gorgeous tan and effortless beach hair. (Psst,
"<i>Teka lang, 'yung</i> chicks <i>ko, puro ako 'yung nagreregalo ah!</i>" the funnyman jokes. So, if you love this guy, find out what he really wants for V-Day.
Ramon Bautista has been on our radar all month, what with his modeling debut in our January 2012 "Mod About You" fashion editorial and the behind-the-scenes videos and photo galleries online that left you in stitches. We know you can'
For the benefit of those who couldn't hear the audio, we re-posted the video! Watch the funnyman show off his modeling chops at our January 2012 fashion shoot and listen in on his video interview!
The satirical writer and musician showed off his modeling chops at our mod-themed shoot. See behind-the-scenes photos and read his thoughts on fashion, women, and more!
This month's fashion editorial "Mod About You" (pp. 116-123) is all about the return of fun, retro trends, and to spice things up, we invited two special guests to bring the element of humor to the shoot. Funnymen Lourd de
The wacky media personality guest stars in our sixties-inspired fashion shoot. Read our interview with him and view exclusive outtakes here!
He's made you laugh with his numerous TV, radio, and hosting gigs, but now it's time to see another side of Ramon Bautista: We nabbed him for our January 2012 fashion editorial "Mod About You" (pp. 116-123), where he
'Tis the season to know your way around the kitchen! These celebs will help you out on GMA News TV 11's fun cooking show, <i>Sarap At Home.</i>
This holiday season, we dare you, Cosmo chicks, to not only have Christmas ham, queso de bola, fruit cake, roast chicken or maybe lechon for your Noche Buena, and instead cook your own masterpieces, as well! You don't even have to
We asked Fabio Ide, Johan Santos, Alex Gonzaga, Ramon Bautista, and more to reveal how they'll spend Christmas. Read on to find out where you just might bump into them!
It's tempting to travel over the holidays, since (unless you're a college chick) we rarely get an excuse to enjoy this long a break (whether as declared by your company or filed as vacation leave). But, for a lot of
This funny celeb leads a double life as a film professor in UP and he wants to help YOU become a better student! Be amused once more.
If you've only seen him on TV, heard him on the radio, or checked him out on the Internet, then chances are, you know Ramon Bautista as that hilarious celebrity with all the zany antics. If you're a
He will sweep you off your feet...with humor! Laugh your heart out as he tells Cosmo how he'd woo a girl and how he deals with heartbreak, among other things.