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At an event that celebrated the 100 Sexiest Women in the World, these chicks dress in their hottest garb--and define what is <i>sexy</i> for them.
While we all have a general idea of what we would call sexy, different people interpret this word in different terms. Sometimes, what's sexy to women is not what men would call sexy. And, what you would consider a sexy outfit
Celebrate and flaunt your own style, as these fashionable chicks did. Do any of them match yours?
Personal style defines a person. Whether we like it or not, how we dress is one of the easiest ways people get to know us. Be it inspired by our style icons, based on our preference for comfort or the fab, or
Young female fans of US act Owl City flocked to their recent Manila concert. Cosmo caught the most effortlessly stylish of them all, and asked them about summer fashion.
For Wrangler’s fashion show, ladies came in their <em>New Moon</em>-inspired outfits. We asked them about their fave character from the saga.