It takes time...right, CGs?
Unfortunately, most men are still unaware of the fact that getting a woman to orgasm takes a lot of effort. First and foremost, she has to be emotionally in the mood. Plus, there's a lot of foreplay involved. And after all
At the NU Rock Awards, Cosmo asked men about their musical pet peeves.
Men's taste in music is one of the things we sometimes don't understand-and should never mess with. Take your guy, for example. You may agree on some playlist choices, but he'd avoid altogether a few artists, albums, genres,
...PLUS hunky basketball players from Ateneo, La Salle, and University of the East!
To put a twist to Cosmo's usual Guyspotting coverage, especially for the UAAP series, we won't just take photos of cute guys among the sports fans and ask them our Cosmo question. We'll also be taking photos of hot
While we know (or assume) that men are visual creatures, do they actually like it when a woman bares too much skin? We asked some guys we spotted at a fashion show.
It's not just the women who attend fashion shows; Cosmo spotted some cute guys, too, at a fashion show for Jaciendera, an online-based clothing store, when it launched its July-August Collection in a sizzling fashion show at Fuel Bar,
As UAAP season opens, Cosmo chicks can look forward to seeing HOT basketball players--and cute sports fans. But do these studs want you in the bleachers with them?
As more and more college chicks are turning to Cosmo, we of course want to check out what you, fun, fearless kolehiyalas care about. And we know that one of them is the UAAP or University Athletic Association of the Philippines, which
Find out why it's worth it to unleash your inner animal run in the bedroom. Cosmo got these real dudes to convince you.
Most guys assume you just want romantic, sensual lovemaking. But what they're secretly jonesin' for is an occasional wild, animalistic, boot-knocking session. "Men go nuts when you make lots of noise and grab at them like you want to devour
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