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Coffee. Wine. Lipstick. We've got it covered.
There is no magic technique when it comes to removing unwanted stains and spots. The key is knowing which cleaner works best on certain materials. Here, we share how you can get rid of those nasty stains on your clothes or sheets.
Quick tip: group according to use!
Condos are usually equipped with a small kitchen just enough for you to function everyday. Here, we give you practical tips on how you can maximize the use of your tiny space, so you never have to worry about finding your toaster/
Why don't you turn them into a rug for your bedroom?
Do you have a million old shirts eating up all your closet space? Why don't you go through them and select a few that you can finally let go of and turn them into a useful rug?Here's what you'
Remember: first in, first out!
How long has it been since you last emptied out your kitchen cabinet and drawers to evaluate what's stored in there? That bottle of "artisanal" olives you got from a Christmas package two years ago shouldn't be there anymore. Same
Because you'd be too sick to look for them by the time you actually need them.
You don't really have to have a medicine "cabinet." Use freestanding shelves or open square cubbyholes attached to the wall (find ready-built cubbies at True Value). For a more organized look especially if you are using open shelves, use containers
DIY addicts, take note!
Spray-paint old food jarsRepurpose your old mayo, cola, and jam bottles and turn them into nifty containers that'll hold anything small-thumbtacks, buttons, loose change, even flowers! Just spray-paint them in your color of choice; metallics work especially well.
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Say goodbye to "orphaned" pillowcases!
Clean up your night table.Organize your bed linen.Stash bedding sets in their matching pillowcases so they won't get mixed up with other sets. This way, one look and you'll know which set to get. No more pulling out
But first, you need some baking soda.
Shoes are made for walking, but when they're not on your feet, you should give them a little tender loving care. Let these helpful tips guide you.Store frequently used shoes on an open rack by the front door.Use
What clutter?!
1. Use side tables or shelves.An old side table with drawers or shelves can serve as storage for bulky items like bath supplies and towels. This is an excellent solution if you have a freestanding sink without a countertop.2. Use
Creative ways to declutter your <i>kalat</i>.
Staircase StorageIn choosing storage solutions, think of customized, built-in options, just like interior designer Joy Ejercito. Instead of buying another cabinet, Joy added drawers and cubbyholes to the steps of her home office staircase. Inspired by Japanese kaidan-dansu or step-
Give your bedroom a quick update with these simple linen solutions!
A bed can make or break the look of the whole bedroom. Because of its size, it is one of the first things we see when entering a room. So why do we think that covering the bed and pillows with a
You'll never forget where you placed your earrings again!
Hang your jewelryInstead of storing them in drawers or boxes, why not show off your necklaces? Hanging them on a round vase or a necklace tree makes for a pretty (and tangle-free) display. You can also stack rings.Use other containersLook
Give your bathroom a fresh look with these creative and useful tips!
Use traysPlace your bottles of perfume, colognes, and creams on a tray. It will look like you're displaying them.Add a wall accentUse racks and shelves to organize your bathroom essentials. Choose one that will match your bathroom.Box it upEveryday
TLC for your tomes!
1. Set up a reading nook.An empty, quiet corner is the perfect space. Make it cozy by placing an upholstered chair, a good lamp, and a side table for your books. Add floor pillows so that your child can join in
Good luck trying to wake us up!
This Pastel-Colored New York-Style BedroomThe master bedroom in this 105sqm condo is spacious with a couple of functional pieces around. The bed has slim metal posts to save on space. This makes it possible to add more functional pieces. To
Live in a studio? No problem!
1. Create a bag wallIf you have absolutely no space for your bag collection, display them instead! Interior designer Jean Paul dela Rosa turned this bag wall into an accent wall for the bedroom.2. Curtain it offChoose a tiny nook or
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Get a mini life makeover and improve big and small details of your life with the help of these companions and must-trys.