Low wall? Tight hallway? Let hues and shades work magic in your limited space.
Raise up a low ceiling Colorful vertical stripes can make a ceiling seem high. Add oomph to this optical illusion by opting for rich, '70s-inspired hues.Brighten up a narrow hallwayPaint the end of a long, narrow hallway with a vibrant
Coffee. Wine. Lipstick. We've got it covered.
There is no magic technique when it comes to removing unwanted stains and spots. The key is knowing which cleaner works best on certain materials. Here, we share how you can get rid of those nasty stains on your clothes or sheets.
Quick tip: group according to use!
Condos are usually equipped with a small kitchen just enough for you to function everyday. Here, we give you practical tips on how you can maximize the use of your tiny space, so you never have to worry about finding your toaster/
Why don't you turn them into a rug for your bedroom?
Do you have a million old shirts eating up all your closet space? Why don't you go through them and select a few that you can finally let go of and turn them into a useful rug?Here's what you'
Remember: first in, first out!
How long has it been since you last emptied out your kitchen cabinet and drawers to evaluate what's stored in there? That bottle of "artisanal" olives you got from a Christmas package two years ago shouldn't be there anymore. Same
Because you'd be too sick to look for them by the time you actually need them.
You don't really have to have a medicine "cabinet." Use freestanding shelves or open square cubbyholes attached to the wall (find ready-built cubbies at True Value). For a more organized look especially if you are using open shelves, use containers
DIY addicts, take note!
Spray-paint old food jarsRepurpose your old mayo, cola, and jam bottles and turn them into nifty containers that'll hold anything small-thumbtacks, buttons, loose change, even flowers! Just spray-paint them in your color of choice; metallics work especially well.
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