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At a summer event, Cosmo caught up with these cuties to find out what part of your body draws their attention when you're wearing <em>that</em> two-piece.
Cosmo got real guys to tell you the dirty details--the right touch, speed, and carnal moves--that would make men go weak in the knees with bliss.
When it comes to pleasing your guy in bed, the truth is that pretty much any move you make is going to put a smile on his face. And therein lies the problem: If his lust life already rates above average, the
Ever wondered what really runs through his mind after your sack session? Cosmo got real guys to spill the dirty, honest truth.
We know what occupies a guy's brain before getting down and dirty (all he's focusing on is doing it and how good it's gonna be), but the secret we're dying to crack is what goes through the typical