'Sinagot niya ako nung Christmas.'
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'Ako ba 'yan?!'
We challenged The Cips, Chynna Ortaleza and Kean Cipriano, to find out who knows more about the other. ;)VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Ysa SingsonVIDEO SHOT BY: Jham Mariano, Sam NavaltaVIDEO EDITED BY: Sam Navalta
'Alam ko 'to!'
When we were kids, just to get us to do anything (including shutting up), our parents had the same secret weapon: Candy! And we each have our own ~faves~. Do you still remember yours? We tested our friends' memories: VIDEO PRODUCED
Bianca has been an entrepreneur since she was eight years old.
Bianca Festejo is the woman behind The Beauty Lounge by Bianca, a popular salon in the South!The Beauty Lounge is the culmination of my dreams and the dreams of my employees. I started with the idea of simply earning enough so
Soju think you know soju?
ICYMI, we got soju virgins to try the famous Korean drink for the first time. But now, we want to know if soju lovers can tell the difference between flavors:What about you? Are you a soju expert? Follow Ysa on Instagram.
One shot!
Did you know that Park Seo Joon can consume two bottles of soju all by himself? That's how common and loved soju is in Korea. We invited soju virgins to try the drink for the first time: Follow Ysa on Instagram.
It's not as easy as it sounds, you guys.
Because there's a huge chunk of time between lunch and dinner, we tend to run to the convenience store to buy our favorite sitsiryas. That's why we're convinced that Pinoys are junk food connoisseurs. Just to see how well
Can you tell the difference?
Whenever foreigners ask which food they should try first, you probably automatically recommend adobo. Dubbed as the Philippines' "national dish," adobo is a household favorite; in fact, I know someone who eats it two to three times a week. But when it
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