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She's still a 'real woman' even WITHOUT the curves.
Actress Daisy Ridley refuses to apologize for her slender frame.The Star Wars: The Force Awakens beauty recently found herself under attack on social media after one Instagram user posted an image of the Brit as her Star Wars character Rey. In
At an event that celebrated the 100 Sexiest Women in the World, these chicks dress in their hottest garb--and define what is <i>sexy</i> for them.
While we all have a general idea of what we would call sexy, different people interpret this word in different terms. Sometimes, what's sexy to women is not what men would call sexy. And, what you would consider a sexy outfit
Cosmo approached some of Manila's fashionistas at the fourth day of Philippine Fashion Week to ask them this crucial fashion inquiry.
In any event, ladies (and even guys) always want to look their best--no matter what the theme is. We all have different styles and tastes when it comes to fashion. But there are some events with vague dress codes and we
Cosmo came to party in The Venice Piazza at The Fort one night, and chanced upon stylish ladies who can also rock athletic wear. Get ideas on what sportswear to try, too.
These gals were among the first to see what new things Filipino designers have to offer for their Holiday collection. They tell us their fashion inspirations.
Tired of your safe outfit and want to experiment with your look? Get styling tips from these <em>fasyon </em>Cosmo chicks.