That view though.
1. You just look crazy-hot and we like watching you. It's a pretty unique perspective on its own. Plus, when you start writhing around and moaning, it's even hotter. We don't get to appreciate you the same way
Because sometimes 'because I bet he's really good at it' is the perfect reason.
1. His body makes Chris Pine look like a Muppet. And you want to put it on yours immediately to see if some sort of wildfire ignites that then makes both of you explode into particles.2. You have a feeling he'
You won't be starving 'til the next pay day. Woohoo!
1. You won't be starving or miserable until the next pay day. Your wise spending habits will mean all your days are accounted precisely because you still have money you can spend for your needs and the little treats you want.
Why the weary never recover from their so-called quality rest.
So you wake up in the morning after a good night's sleep, and you still find yourself wanting to crawl back into bed. You try your darndest to soldier on, and yet by mid-afternoon, your boss catches you on your
Aka reasons you shouldn't keep thinking the lives you're not living are way, way better than your real life.
1. You set yourself up for bitterness if you keep wishing you had a life that's more fun, more exciting, more carefree, or has more adventures. You'd be bitter about how pathetic your life seems and how other people seem
Here are reasons you have every right to be unhappy about the whole thing
Some people believe it's okay that your guy watches porn-that you should be okay with it-because anyway he's not intending to hurt you, that he's not really imagining fucking this and that porn star. They say you'
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