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Ms. Pepper is back!!
Ms. Pepper (Marjorie Barretto) is back, and this time, she's sharing her family's favorite carbonara recipe! Ever since she launched her YouTube channel and revealed her killer salpicao recipe, it's hard not to make abang for
Here's what you'll need.
Marjorie Barretto has gifted newbie cooks with easy-to-follow recipes like her beef salpicao and fresh tomato pasta but today we're about to level up with a new kitchen experiment: roast chicken! This is something you can marinate in
Because Yakult goes with everything.
Most of us fondly remember Yakult as a sweet childhood treat. While its fruity flavor is delicious enough on its own, the probiotic beverage can also work as a mixer! If you feel like experimenting with non-alcoholic Yakult mixes to create
Meet your next baking project!
Dunkin' Donuts' famous Choco Butternut doughnuts and munchkins are a Pinoy merienda favorite. We recently showed you this low-carb version of the classic treat as well as this affordable recipe you can make at home. If you still can&#
Kimchi goes with *everything*.
In case you've been fighting the urge to get totally caught up in the Hallyu wave (which only seems to have been magnified by being in quarantine), we're about to make it harder for you to resist. But
Uju, all the time: 'I would like another sandwich, please.'
It seems to us like the characters in Hospital Playlist are always eating, and we really want to try those egg sandwiches bb Uju (Kim Joon) loved so much in the show! These are from the Korean brand Egg Drop, where Ik
BRB, we *need* to try this for ourselves.
Itaewon Class is known for many things: its thrilling plot, stellar acting, frustrating love triangle (lol), and impressive take on social issues. But while watching the show, you probably couldn't help but feel hungry every time they served a dish
Perfect if you need a little boost of energy.
In 2018, Solenn Heussaff shared her go-to drink when she needs a boost of energy, and to this day, people tag her when they recreate her famous Morning Elixir. Her recipe only consists of three main ingredients: apple cider vinegar, lemon,
Get eggzited.
Korean steamed egg never gets enough recognition. At Korean BBQ spots, too often people dismiss this dish in favor of the more beloved kimchi or fish cake side dish. But it's more than that. Traditionally, this is cooked in a hot
You can't go wrong with layers of pasta, cheese, and beef.
The beauty of a lasagna is the fact that, in its most classic form, it's made up of layers of noodles, cheese, and beef-so, only good things. Of course, people will always find a way to make their own version-
Let's be real: Cookies and cream ice cream is number one!
Cookies and cream ice cream is one of our favorite flavors so why not make your own version at home? One of our favorite food YouTubers, Nino's Home, uploaded a simple recipe that only calls for three ingredients. Apart from
Including how to make your own at home.
By now, you've probably been acquainted with the usual pesto pasta or pesto dip or even chicken pesto sandwich-these are the basic pesto-based dishes you find in restaurant menus, after all. And when done right, these are extremely delicious.
You can have this for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. (I would.)
Not going to lie: The first time I saw kimbap (gimbap) at a food fair, I mistakenly thought I was just looking at a wide sushi (or makimono) roll. When I ordered it, it tasted different-but in a good way. Cut
Aka vegetable donuts, haha!
Onions make any dish taste so much better. When I don't feel like following a recipe but want to eat well, all I really need are: onions, garlic, and olive oil. I also prefer my salads with onions for that extra
No yeast necessary!
Restaurants have slowly been getting back to business, and if you don't want to (or can't) head out to pick up your fave dishes, delivery is always an option. But all those food orders add up, so if
It's a matcha made in heaven. ;)
Of the many ~quarantreats~ that have been popping up left and right, none is as popular as pan de sal. Perhaps the most famous iteration is ube and cream cheese, with people ordering new boxes every week because of how good it
Basically your childhood comfort food with a twist. ;)
Filipinos have *a lot* of comfort foods. If you think back to your childhood, it's hard to remember all your favorite meals and merienda, but we guarantee, you have at least one heartwarming memory involving sopas. A bowl of sopas
Extra crunchy, just the way I like it!
When I saw Kylie Jenner making her flakey French toast on her Stories, I knew I just had to try it. Her recipe calls for the traditional French toast ingredients: bread, eggs, and milk. She also used frosted cereal flakes, cinnamon, vanilla
This super aromatic oil will and can transform dishes.
Anyone who has tasted a dish with sesame oil will know instantly that it's present. The aroma that wafts from the dish alone is super appetizing so when you take a bite, it's super apparent that there is
It looks so cute!
Here at, we're very big on dessert, and we're constantly looking for ways to level up our ~food experience~. During our many hours spent scrolling through TikTok, we found this easy recipe that turns churros into