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She's reportedly taking it easy and focusing on her health.
After checking into a mental health facility in October following two hospitalizations and what TMZ called an "emotional breakdown," Selena Gomez is back at home and in good spirits. According to an E! source, the singer is now "out of her treatment
She was released from the hospital on August 4.
A little over a month after Demi Lovato's overdose, sources say she's doing better and is fully committed to recuperating."She's in recovery and doing great," the source told People, adding, "This is a long road."
In honor of Independence Month, columnist Bianca Valerio sits down with former PBA player Gene Tejada as he chronicles the liberating miracle of his recovery from a paralyzing accident.
As an ode to Independence Month, we bring you a different take on what it truly means to be free for one special man.Former professional basketball player Gene Tejada, who is now a motivational speaker, shares how he courageously endured his
Let these strong songstresses support you through your heartache and help you deal with the different relationship woes that have plagued us all.
When you want to ease your pain, but can't find the words that would do that, there's only one thing to do: Listen to music. Sure, you could go through the alternative recovery techniques (i.e. watch a feel-good
Don't worry, it's probably not as bad as you think. Bounce back in no time with these tips.
We've all had our share of clumsy moments we wish we could erase. Before you feel the urge to crawl into a hole, instead work out a way to get over the embarrassment. "Agonizing over a mistake just gets you stuck
This young woman didn't allow a bombing incident that made her lose her legs hinder her aspirations of becoming a lawyer. Be inspired by her fearless story of recovery.
It was a not-so-ordinary Sunday in September when Raissa Laurel headed to Taft Avenue to attend the bar exam salubong, all dolled up for a concert that would take place at her college later that night. The next thing she
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