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Because red lipstick looks good on everyone, it has endured every possible beauty trend you can think of. So it's only natural that for this edition of Beauty Wars, we paid homage to the classic hue by trying
It's one powerful color!
When she isn't busy kicking ass in the new Wonder Woman movie, Israeli actress Gal Gadot likes to keep her everyday beauty routine to a minimum. She sticks to a classic red lip, specifically a MAC lipstick in the shade
Cop her signature lip look with these tips!
She may look beautiful in nude, pink, mauve, or berry lippies, but it's a bold red that Maine Mendoza is rarely seen without. If you want to wear this classic hue a la the fresh-faced actress, here are the seven
So, basically Yaya Dub and anyone else who loves a crimson lip color.
Today is National Red Lipstick Day! So, to celebrate this fake super important day, I've gathered a list of the struggles that scarlet lip lovers (like me) deal with on an everyday basis. Because TBH, it's a high-maintenance hue.
And you can get your hands on it!
Taylor Swift's red lips have become a part of her signature look. Over the past few years, Taylor's rouge lippies have ranged from Hot by Covergirl and Iconic Red by Make Up For Ever, to Dragon Girl by NARS. (Yup,
~That red lip classic thing that you like~
Go vintage glam. Go retro by applying a bright shade of red on your puckers and match it with soft, rounded brows and voluminous curls, like Taylor Swift. You want your lips to be the star of your look, so keep everything
Ready, set, swipe! These power reds will make you look like the fiercest girl boss in the boardroom and the hottest vixen in the bedroom. The best part? They look good on all skin tones. Our hottest picks here:Covergirl Lip Perfection
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