And the first one she got was when she was already an actress!
It's hard to imagine Liza Soberano not being the top actress and celebrity endorser she is today. But just like many stars before her, Liza went through a lot of rejection during the early days of her career, particularly when
'She mentioned a friend was coming by to meet her later...Turns out, it was my ex-girlfriend.'
1. "This is embarrassing, but when I was still a teenager, there was a girl I had a huge crush on. The whole 'We're best friends' deal except she had a boyfriend. You know, like the plot of half of the
It's not you, it's science.
Sometimes, the worst part of a breakup is the feeling of rejection afterwards. And that date that didn't go so well? Knowing that he actually wasn't that into you can leave you feeling down for days, or even weeks. But
What is real anymore?
Everyone watching the 2016 VMAs yesterday was on the edge of their seats after Drake confessed his love for Rihanna while presenting her with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. With nothing to lose, Drake went in for the kiss, and Rihanna
Remember the song "Break Even" by The Script? That line that goes "'Cos when the heart breaks / no, it don't break even?" That's truth right there, because for sure in a breakup one person suffers more than the other.According
You feel like shit now, but things will get better.
Dealing with rejection is never easy, but it's not something that cannot be done. It's okay to be vulnerable and to cry about it. We are only human after all, and the pain we feel is part of who we
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