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'I was taking in the moment as much as I could.'
Tom and I have been together for three years. Before the pandemic, our dates consisted of eating at malls near my office and watching movies. We would also regularly attend gigs, especially if Tom and his band were going to be performing.
Do you have a fear of abandonment?
Relationships are a rollercoaster of emotions. But knowing how and why you behave the way you do in relationships can have a huge impact on how happy and healthy your relationships are. If you find yourself overly worried that the person you&#
It's not quite the same thing as a soul mate.
We've all heard the term "soul mate," but what about "twin flame"? It's a term that's floating around more and more (hi, Megan Fox and MGK!), and while it sounds like it's basically interchangeable with "soul mate," that'
'We've grown into a healthier relationship apart.'
JB and I met in Seoul pre-pandemic when I was still working in Gangnam, and he had just moved back from the States to pursue his post-graduate studies. I literally met him the first day that he moved, and we
It's actually similar to grief.
Unrequited love: It's the topic of many a love song and sad movie. And with so many of us experiencing it at one point or another, it's no wonder why. Loving someone who doesn't love you
'Hindi niya ako nakikita as [an] engineer, [and] hindi ko siya nakikita as [a] tricycle driver.'
When it comes to romantic relationships, one of the myths we usually face is that you and your partner should be similar. Some people think you have to share the same interests in order for you two to be called "compatible." But
Better to hash these out before you're both tired and cranky AF.
Deciding to have kids with a partner is one of the biggest steps you can take in a relationship, not to mention your life. Everything you know about your lifestyle is about to change! Like all things relationship-wise, it's a
Married life can be wonderful and fulfilling and a huge laugh, but like any relationship, it can be really hard sometimes. Marriages and healthy relationships take work, and that's okay. It's common and normal to have ups and
Let's do a long-term compatibility check, shall we?
Sorry to say, but there's no definitive formula out there that's like This (X) + That (Y) = You've found The One. (If only our love lives were as simple as a math equation.) The good news, though: There are some
On behalf of my hair stylist and me, please pay attention to number two.
TikTok is kind of ~my thing~. The app has reaffirmed my thirst for Draco Malfoy, revealed Edward Cullen has an icicle dick, and made it super easy to bake a chocolate lava cake using only my own microwave. (I'm sorry,
Reading into every little thing at the moment? Same. Here's how to stop it.
It started with a heartbreak emoji. Or rather, a succession of them. A WhatsApp response to my glowing review of a Very Sad Film the guy I'm dating had recommended. So far, so normal. Then...nada. For, what felt like incredibly
Use this time to deepen your understanding of one another.
For my single friends, the worst part of quarantine was not being fingered regularly. As a smart hoe, I moved my boyfriend of three weeks into my place when the quarantine was first announced and luckily (for my heart and for our
'When saying 'I like you' just wasn't cutting it in my heart.'
I'm going to let you in on a lil secret: In the same way no one can tell you when you're in love, there's no way of knowing when your partner is in love. Sure, there may be
It's better to just leave them alone.
If you're wondering whether it's a good idea to send your ex an innocent lil "Hbd!" text, let me just give you the short answer: It's not. But the long answer is a bit more complicated.
One couple tried this out, and they got married six months later.
If you're looking for a relationship, listen up!
Look, we're obsessed with star signs and we're not ashamed to admit it. Your zodiac can tell you everything from whether you're likely to get a ton of dating app matches to how hard you find
If you've seen the term on TikTok, here's what it means...
Raise your hand if you've ever dated a dude who you helped, guided, and molded into becoming a better version of himself...only for him to dump you, get in a new relationship, and marry his next fling?Hi, welcome, yes,
Do you enjoy the chase?
When it comes to relationships, do you feel like you're someone who easily falls in love or are you the type who plays hard-to-get to make sure your potential SO is The One? Well, according to research, whether