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Like being patient and understanding.
1. "To keep being open with you."Relationships grow stronger and deeper through open communication, so if you want yours to last a lifetime, you have to be able to express yourself honestly and tactfully to your partner. Doing so will keep
Has your relationship hit a plateau? Reconnect and get that spark back by following these tips.
1. Talk to each otherThe most basic aspect of every relationship is your ability to communicate openly with your partner. If there is something bothering you, don't keep it to yourself. Encourage each other to open up and share your feelings.
Use these moves and he'll fall even harder for you.
According to the latest scientific research, one of the keys to a super-happy relationship is giving not just good talk, but good touch. A recent study revealed that touch can express several important, specific feelings (such as love, happiness, and respect),
In 10 words or less, Glaiza De Castro, Lauren Young, and more share the secret to making any relationship work.
For 2013, spice up your relationship and learn more about each other!
Doing new things is great for your relationship, multiple studies say, mainly because fresh experiences give you the same rush you feel during that infatuation stage. And since you always want to dig deeper into what makes each other tick, here are
Sick of your usual date routine? Bond with your man over these low-key and laid-back date ideas.
Chill out. New research shows that our reliance on technology is seeping into the bits of time once reserved for actual human interaction, so have a low-key night in. Make plans with your guy to slip into comfy clothes, savor yummy
Is your guy stressing out over work and personal woes? Be the model girlfriend with these sweet and thoughtful gestures.
1. Write him a love letter. Improve his mood by sneaking a love note in his pocket before he leaves for work. "[People get] a wonderful feeling when they receive a surprise card," confirms Dr. Daniel A. Pepe, Ph.D., author of
You may be tempted to play it safe in your relationship, but there are risks actually worth taking to strengthen your bond. Find out what they are.
You have an amazing guy in your life, so understandably, your urge may be to stay kampante and not risk doing anything that might screw things up. After all, why take chances by purposely spending time away from him or bringing up
Girls are often seen as the more talkative sex, but there are a few ways you can connect with your guy without saying a word.
1. Don't state (and then restate) the obvious.Watching the sun set with your guy doesn't require you to provide a running commentary. Sure, it's beautiful, but saying to him "Isn't it so beautiful, hon?" really exhausts the
Does your guy tend to forget big events like your birthday or anniversary? Here are three things you can do to make sure he'll get it right next time.
1. Help him save the date."Guys tend to live their life on a day-to-day basis," says psychologist Carl Hindy. To remedy this, hang a retro wall calendar on his fridge with everything written on it so he can see
Cosmo Sutra positions aside, these easy yet no-fail tricks will make him more pumped up to please you in the bedroom.
Describe A Sexy DreamTell your guy that you had a dream about him--even if you didn't. He'll ask what it was about, so say it's still hazy but you think you were having crazy sex in the kitchen.
For extra special bonding time with your man, plan an adventure together in Hong Kong this upcoming long weekend or holiday season!
We all know that travel broadens the mind, but traveling as a couple has double the benefits; a romantic getaway with your man can deepen your bond. Learning how the other person handles an unfamiliar environment and enjoying the simple things in
These three moves will put the spark back into your relationship and have him racing home to you at the end of a long day.
1. Make your goodbye count.When you part ways in the morning, skip the distracted peck on the cheek and kiss him...hard. "You'll be on his mind all day, and he'll be extra excited about seeing you that night," columnist Bianca Valerio discusses five ways we express our feelings, and how this can help us figure out our relationship problems.
The main cause of relationship failure is the age-old issue: lack of communication. However, the concept of communication is as vast as the Milky Way galaxy. And, it's quite daunting to think about where to begin.To figure out how