Your relationship is pure, pimple-popping bliss.
1. Pop each other's back zits. And feeling enormously, sickly satisfied when you do.2. Brush away each other's muta or kulangot. You know by now that trying to guide them to the right eye or the right nostril is
Like being patient and understanding.
1. "To keep being open with you."Relationships grow stronger and deeper through open communication, so if you want yours to last a lifetime, you have to be able to express yourself honestly and tactfully to your partner. Doing so will keep
Has your relationship hit a plateau? Reconnect and get that spark back by following these tips.
1. Talk to each otherThe most basic aspect of every relationship is your ability to communicate openly with your partner. If there is something bothering you, don't keep it to yourself. Encourage each other to open up and share your feelings.
Use these moves and he'll fall even harder for you.
According to the latest scientific research, one of the keys to a super-happy relationship is giving not just good talk, but good touch. A recent study revealed that touch can express several important, specific feelings (such as love, happiness, and respect),
In 10 words or less, Glaiza De Castro, Lauren Young, and more share the secret to making any relationship work.
For 2013, spice up your relationship and learn more about each other!
Doing new things is great for your relationship, multiple studies say, mainly because fresh experiences give you the same rush you feel during that infatuation stage. And since you always want to dig deeper into what makes each other tick, here are
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