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'I figured I'd try to make her proud.'
When you see Jessica Arevalo, 31, a social media fitness star (@jessicaarevalo_) and bikini competitor, in the weight room, you might not expect her gym buddy to be Garrett Greer (@GarrettJGreer). But the 31-year-old professional poker player, who was paralyzed
I don't need to enact any revenge—karma will find them.
You're a kind, forgiving person who wouldn't wish anything bad upon another human being-except for maybe your Garbage Ex. The person who broke your heart so completely by being such a thorough jerk that you can't help but
And some not-so-cute ones, too.
There are plenty of relationship milestones that couples tend to remember: the first kiss, the first date, the first time you met your partner's parents. But there are plenty of things that only guys file away, for better or for worse.
Self-respect is about valuing your own judgment.
You're in a relationship with someone you love-the man who's so much better than the one you could only dream of, the smart and funny guy you didn't know you wanted. Or you're dating someone you love;
'I felt like I was at the wrong place, that it should be you here with him.'
I was always so jealous of you. You're everything I wish I was: pretty, smart, creative. But it got tiring to always try and be you and fail. So I stopped. It took the risk of losing me for Chris to
'I had the best of both worlds.'
If you're under the impression that being in an open relationship is just "cheating with permission," get that outta your head, stat. Ask anyone who's been in an open or polyamorous relationship and they'll say it's about much
It changes over time, though.
Anyone who's ever been in a long-term relationship knows it takes a lot to keep the spark alive. You probably expect that feeling of excitement-physical and emotional-to be the same for both men and women in the beginning
'Once he was out of my life for good, para akong nabunutan ng tinik.'
Jeff* was my first boyfriend. We met when I was a sophomore in college-I was 20 then, and he, 30. Our huge age gap should have clued me in to the kind of girl he would eventually betray me with, but
He makes you laugh all the time and you make him crack up.
It goes without saying, you don't have to be "best friends" to have a great relationship (some people even gag at that idea). But while others might think of you as insular or clingy, you know better.Great things take time.
Not dramatic enough to be a red flag...yet.
Everyone's heard of relationship red flags, but much overlooked are relationship pink flags, where something weird you've picked up on coooould be a big deal, or might be completely fine, based on specific context. Here are some maybe-deal breakers,
Like picking a hoodie she'll also like, because she's going to wind up wearing it anyway.
To be fair, I'm more than capable of shopping on my own. I know how to enter a store and purchase goods and leave with said goods and not fuck the whole thing up. It's not so much as I
Avoid couch potatoes!
Someone once told me that men marry for love, and women marry for security. And while that isn't the most romantic thing to hear, on some level, it makes sense. When we hear about women who refuse to date men who
So... when do I start masturbating?
Lots of people watch porn. Lots of couples watch porn! And there are a lot of different reasons to watch porn together: it might be an easy way to get you both in the mood, or a way to explore a few
'What I learned is that nothing or no one is worth more than your life.'
No matter how long it's been since your most devastating love experience, the lesson you learned from it stays with you. This lesson may be a reminder of your worth, a discovery of your strength, or the realization that things always
'When's the wedding?'
If being single attracts unwanted inquiries and opinions from the people in your life, being in a long-term relationship is no different. Being constantly bombarded with statements and questions that are just a) annoying AF; b) state the obvious; or c)
This information might just salvage your sex life.
You know how sometimes, you really want to get it on, but your partner seems less than enthusiastic about the idea? And then other times, it's the complete opposite? Well, good news: that's *totally* normal.A sex toy company, Lovehoney,
Make sure you're both on the same page before making any concrete plans.
Both of you will need to agree on where you're going to set up your little love shack. If both of you are employed, being situated in an area accessible to both your workplaces will ensure that neither of you has
Celebrate pretty much anything you can find an excuse to celebrate.
1. Taking care of him when he's not cute-sick. Nursing someone with the sniffles is easy. Passing the puke bucket = not as much. Maybe the diarrhea is making him emotionally vulnerable. Maybe seeing maternal instincts is making him think about