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They're not always so easy to spot.
Most people want a partner who's attentive, caring, and, if you're looking for an exclusive relationship, actually committed. All great things! But sometimes, especially if you follow the advice of so, so many movies that teach you to
'I didn't know how to go about breaking up with someone, honestly.'
It takes a while for some relationships to go south. While some bad relationships can crash and burn spectacularly and end in a moment, others spiral out of control in slow motion. And sometimes, especially from the inside, it's difficult to
These guys *don't* do it for the 'gram.
We live in an era where people "do it for the 'gram," from influencers showcasing every sponsored moment of their lives to PDA couples who enjoy proclaiming their love online. A 2014 study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that
They explain how they found out their relationships were not what they seemed.
While many women choose to be mistresses and date someone that's already in a relationship, these 12 women were unwittingly the "other woman." Here's how they found out the truth.***This article originally appeared on
Yes, you are probably annoying the hell out of your friends.
If there's one thing people love to blame their problems on, it's social media. Social media makes us bad at holding conversations or paying attention to our partners. Social media makes us spill our dating drama and constantly
'I definitely didn't watch this episode yet!' *SWEATS PROFUSELY*
Trust, honesty, and openness are all deeply crucial to maintaining a solid relationship. Buuuuut, sometimes you catch yourself pretending to love the kinda-dry chicken your partner cooked for you. So how can you tell the difference between a passable white lie