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Mystery isn't hot if it's his only personality trait.
1. He's only available at completely random times. Not only does he never make concrete plans at least 24 hours in advance, but the times he is available are in the midnight to 3 a.m. range, or, like, a Sunday
You finally got the pixie cut!
1. You unfollowed or unfriended them instead of stubbornly trying to seem chill.You know that if you still have easy access to their page, you will be hurt when you see them have any semblance of fun without you. You'd
I don't need to enact any revenge—karma will find them.
You're a kind, forgiving person who wouldn't wish anything bad upon another human being-except for maybe your Garbage Ex. The person who broke your heart so completely by being such a thorough jerk that you can't help but
'Unromantic' gifts can sometimes be even more romantic.
1. Bras are hand-wash-only and that's why they are all over the bathroom. Don't put her bras in the washing machine without consent. Ever. It doesn't matter how many of them are all over the floor of
Your partner doesn't need to sleep with someone else to totally f*ck you over.
As painful as physical affairs may be, they don't require deep romantic feelings. Emotional affairs, however, can feel far more personal because they imply that your S.O. liked someone else because they were more exciting to be around than you.
'He may be your best friend, but he is *my* boyfriend.'
We both walked into Miguel's life almost at the same time. You were always just there. And honestly, I didn't mind at first-I actually liked having you around. Then, I slowly started noticing that you kept finding reasons and
'I like to think of my last name as an anchor—to my past, my family, and the life I left behind.'
We hope you're sitting down for this, because here's something that may be groundbreaking news to you: Once married, you can actually-gasp!-keep using your maiden name.Article 370 of the Civil Code of the Philippines states:A married
Self-respect is about valuing your own judgment.
You're in a relationship with someone you love-the man who's so much better than the one you could only dream of, the smart and funny guy you didn't know you wanted. Or you're dating someone you love;
Here's what our life is like.
When I first met John*, we were just friends. In fact, he was married to someone else, and I was engaged to another man. But he quickly became one of my closest friends, and I found myself constantly turning to him for
'I felt like I was at the wrong place, that it should be you here with him.'
I was always so jealous of you. You're everything I wish I was: pretty, smart, creative. But it got tiring to always try and be you and fail. So I stopped. It took the risk of losing me for Chris to
Not dramatic enough to be a red flag...yet.
Everyone's heard of relationship red flags, but much overlooked are relationship pink flags, where something weird you've picked up on coooould be a big deal, or might be completely fine, based on specific context. Here are some maybe-deal breakers,
Any of these could seriously harm your relationship.
In the heat of the moment, we can all say some pretty crappy things to our partners. While most of the time they understand you were just angry and didn't really mean it, there are some phrases that can have a
A relationship coach weighs in.
Even with your besties (and *wink*) around to help you get through heartaches and bumps on the road, did you ever feel like you badly need the advice of an expert? We totally get you, Cosmo girls, which is why
A moment of infidelity can change your whole outlook on love and life.
There's no denying that cheating on someone can cause a lot of pain. Most of the time, it's better to be up-front about how you're feeling before making a move that could hurt someone you
That high-pitched voice you use when imitating women needs to die this year.
Since 2016 was...not the best for humanity (especially women), no one has time for men who have both bad opinions and bad footwear (boat shoes, ditch 'em.) May boyfriends everywhere strive to be a little better this year.1. Don't
Don't be THAT couple.
We know there's nothing wrong with showing love and affection to your significant other, yet there are times when some couples cross the line without noticing it. Holding hands and staying close to each other are fine, but blatantly caressing and
That hard-partying lifestyle, for example.
Some deal breakers are immediate and obvious. They're the kind of deal breakers that send you scrambling to come up with an excuse to cut the date short; you throw some cash (way too much cash) on the bar and literally
'You were always just there. And honestly, I didn't mind at first—I actually liked having you around.'
Hey.Last night, Miguel told me that you broke up with your boyfriend, and that you needed him to comfort you-that's why he didn't show up to our anniversary dinner. He told me how broken you were, and how
Can you handle it?
Depending on how selosa you are, it could be fun to try swapping boyfriends with your best friend, even for just a day. Buzzfeed put this idea to the test! BFFs Safiya and Freddie took each other's boyfriend out to their
There are just some things you can't compromise.
Looking for a potential partner in life can be daunting and overwhelming. This is particularly true for those who feel pressured by others to find love. (Like being single is the worst thing in the world! Did you know that it can