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'Security doesn’t come in a day. You feel it overtime.'
Security can mean different things to different people, especially in a relationship. For many, it's the security of exclusivity-knowing you're the only one they're dating. For others, it's emotional security-that beautiful feeling of finding a safe
'His reaction tells me all I need to know.'
Women have taken to Reddit to share what they do and how they deal when someone flirts with or hits on their partner. So if you tend to feel jealous when someone else pays attention to the person you're in
Perhaps the silliest thing about the friendzone is that friendships do actually lead to relationships.
One of the things I like most about being gay is the ability to watch "straight culture" from a safe distance, like an ever-so-slightly smug (and very well dressed) spy. When searching for the loudest, most exaggerated and chaotic displays
Take them at their word and don't expect to change their mind.
Keeping your options open is super commonplace in the dating world. Many of us have experienced the relationship gray area, where the person we're dating either isn't totally communicative about where things are going or has told us
They have ~receipts~.
Remember how great 2017 was when it blessed us with Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung's relationship announcement? It was a dream come true for us fans! We adore them as an onscreen couple in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok
*wipes happy tears*
And our ship continues to sail! Hyeri's new drama, My Roommate Is A Gumiho, just wrapped up and in an interview, she thanked the people who supported her-including her longtime boyfriend, Ryu Jun Yeol.The couple met during their
Jealousy isn't inherently negative.
Jealousy in a relationship or in a friendship is common and normal, but so often we're told our feelings of jealousy are wrong and toxic. Experiencing jealousy isn't inherently negative unless the behaviors we then display once we
'This is not true.'
Is Kylie Padilla dating JM de Guzman? Just a few days after confirming her split with her husband Aljur Abrenica, a netizen directly asked Kylie a series of questions on one of her Instagram posts on July 14, Wednesday. Kylie was asked
'All we need right now is respect.'
Kylie Padilla has finally spoken up about the status of her relationship with her husband, Aljur Abrenica. On July 8, Kylie released an official statement confirming she and Aljur have split. She asked that the public respect their decisions as a family,
It seems like they've been dating for a few months now!
Olivia Rodrigo obviously still has us in our feelings after dropping the masterpiece that is Sour back in May, but she, on the other hand, has clearly moved on from the person that caused her an album's worth of heartbreak.
Hand hygiene is super important!
Many of us viewed fingering as ~the thing~ to do when we were young and horny. Then as we got older, the classic sex move was traded for acts like oral, anal, and falling asleep alone with Netflix playing in the background.
'Ibang level pala yung pagka-humble niya.'
Ever since Maris Racal confirmed her relationship to OPM icon Rico Blanco in May, she's been vocal about how much he inspires her in creating music. They've worked on three songs together so far: "Abot Langit" in 2019, "
First off, let’s ditch the one-word responses, mmk?
Texting a new crush is a lot like playing ping-pong. You say something, they say something, you say something again, they something again, and then you eventually make plans to get jalapeño margs and make out a lot.But none
They went social media ~official~ this year.
Some people believe that 2021 is the year of breakups, and we've seen that this has been true for *some* of the internet's favorite couples. But it's not entirely applicable to all relationships. In fact, some
'Hindi siya big conversation sa family.'
At the media launch of her latest single "Ate Sandali," Maris Racal spoke to PEP about her relationship with Rico Blanco. It can be recalled that Maris confirmed in May 2021 that she and Rico were dating, and netizens had mixed reactions
I Googled 'premature orgasm' and all the results were about men.
Amy* is 26, a postal worker, bisexual, and says she has always orgasmed really easily and quickly. So much so, that she used to think something was wrong with her.***When I was 11, I had masturbated for the first time and
There are things he brings to the table more that make up for it.
Sahar*, 29, who works in marketing and is straight, explains why it doesn't matter that she doesn't orgasm with her boyfriend.***Despite having my first boyfriend at 17, I didn't have my first orgasm until I
It's getting serious for these two.
Kendall Jenner just spoke out about "boyfriend" Devin Booker for the first time-a notable move for the otherwise very private KUWTK star.The model and basketball player have been dating for just over a year, after meeting during quarantine in June
McLisse are back together!
McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson are giving their love a second chance!According to a report by ABS-CBN News, McCoy *officially* confirmed the rekindled relationship during a meeting with the press for the upcoming musical biopic Yorme: The Musical."Open
'Jap night is date night.'
Netizens think Dominic Roque just low-key confirmed he and Bea Alonzo are *officially* dating.On June 17, Thursday, Dominic posted a TikTok video capturing snippets from a dinner date."Jap night is date night. #fyp"The video included footage of two