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We learn how it has done more for their relationships than avoiding unwanted pregnancies.
In the days before contraception became widespread, women wanting to engage in cis-het penetrative sex, and not find themselves pregnant, went to great-and often dangerous lengths-to do so. Considering that the contraceptive pill was introduced in the UK only
They reportedly fell in love with each other while working on 'The Call.'
According to reports, award-winning actress Jeon Jong Seo and director Lee Chung Hyun are in a relationship.The two have worked together in the Netflix thriller The Call (2020), which tells the story of a woman living in 2019 and another
'Somehow, it felt natural.'
I noticed Clemence* as soon as she walked in-how could I not? She was tall and slim, with long brunette hair and an interesting face. The word "pretty" would have done her a disservice. She was beautiful.The networking event had
They're just like Hong banjang and Yoon Hye Jin in real life!
There's no doubt that Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha has won the hearts of many K-drama fans (including us!) and it's a series that will live in our minds rent-free. And because we love it *so much,*
Because the best present is you...naked.
The holidays are fast approaching, and whether you've been with your partner for five days or five years, now's the (stressful, chaotic) time of year to come up with a gift for them. Oh, and the gift should
Spoiler alert: You are not in control of how your sibling rivalry started.
Q: I always feel like I'm in a constant competition with my siblings. When it comes to our achievements in life, feel ko kailangan ko lagi i-prove yung worth ko. It's starting to affect my self-esteem
We asked a family psychologist for tips.
Q: "Ever since the start of the pandemic, my family members and I have all been stuck at home. We used to work in offices and study in schools, but now, sa bahay lang talaga kami. It's great that we
For Bea, it's important to respect one's privacy!
Do you secretly check your boyfriend or husband's phone to see if he's cheating on you? For Bea Alonzo, it's a big no-no.The 33-year-old actress recently made a guest appearance on GMA-
' married?'
Let's say you're forty minutes into a relatively solid date when the conversation comes to a lull. A drink and a half down, you've covered hometowns and siblings, bad bosses and slob-y roommates, and playfully
'Riding together keeps endorphins running in our blood and it keeps our spirits high.'
There are many ways you can go on dates and ~bond~ with your significant other. For starters, you can have movie marathons, order in your favorite food, or binge-watch your favorite K-dramas. In fact, you guys can even try a
For one thing, it's a relationship style becoming more popular than ever.
The concept of having multiple sexual partners is nothing new to humanity-just ask the Ancient Greeks who enjoyed notoriously glorious sex lives and "had a desire for anyone and anything." But when it comes to modern romance, navigating life beyond monogamy
'All that matters is what you and your partner want.'
Fall in love. Get married. Have kids. It may be hard to believe, but not all people want to follow this formula for life! Some people are happy being single, while others are polyamorous. Some people are okay with cohabiting, while others
Her caption says, 'I can be—and will be—happy and content even without you.'
Bathed in sunrise glow, medicine student Samantha Luna walked down the aisle alone in her dream wedding dress, without a groom waiting for her at the altar. It's the happy ending she made for herself after a broken engagement, one
My relationship was seemed irreparably broken. What harm could it do?
I was so horny I felt lightheaded and breathless. I'd just arranged a hookup with a sexy guy and I was deliriously excited. I was desperate for sex. Alex* and I had been together for 10 years, yet the past
Our girl's enjoying the *single life*!
Sanya Lopez entered showbiz in 2012, and ever since, she has been open about being NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth)! Work is her priority, and she's very happy with her single life right now. During an interview with Summit Media
'Security doesn’t come in a day. You feel it overtime.'
Security can mean different things to different people, especially in a relationship. For many, it's the security of exclusivity-knowing you're the only one they're dating. For others, it's emotional security-that beautiful feeling of finding a safe
'His reaction tells me all I need to know.'
Women have taken to Reddit to share what they do and how they deal when someone flirts with or hits on their partner. So if you tend to feel jealous when someone else pays attention to the person you're in
Perhaps the silliest thing about the friendzone is that friendships do actually lead to relationships.
One of the things I like most about being gay is the ability to watch "straight culture" from a safe distance, like an ever-so-slightly smug (and very well dressed) spy. When searching for the loudest, most exaggerated and chaotic displays
Jealousy isn't inherently negative.
Jealousy in a relationship or in a friendship is common and normal, but so often we're told our feelings of jealousy are wrong and toxic. Experiencing jealousy isn't inherently negative unless the behaviors we then display once we
Let's dive into it.
You know that feeling when someone kisses your neck and your whole body involuntarily shakes? Or when someone strokes your forearm and you get chills? Or what about when someone whispers in your ear and it feels literally orgasmic?Yup, these areas