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Thank u, next.
Cue the Lady Gaga song, bc sometimes romance just goes...bad. And when relationships go on for too long, there's a final wall that each zodiac sign hits. While it's true that ~all~ relationships take work, knowing when to
From an epic masturbating scene, a quickie-in-the-rain adventure, and more.
When Bridgerton dropped in December of last year, I'm pretty sure everyone's libidos perked the hell up-mine included. You just couldn't ignore the fact that a good portion of the plot involved very hot people
'I honestly got better results 'swiping abroad' than here.'
Let's face it: Dating during a pandemic can be so, so difficult. I mean for starters, physically going out to meet people already poses some risks. Aside from being in a place with someone you're totally unfamiliar with,
'I'm so worried about being seen as boring.'
As I scrolled through my feed, stomach churning with the nausea I'd become increasingly accustomed to over the past 14 weeks, I did a double take. There, made up in pixels on the screen, was a photo of my six
If you wanna get over someone and make it last, this is your best bet.
When it comes to breaking up with an ex and making it stick, sometimes the best route to go is to employ the No Contact rule. "The No Contact rule is where you don't call, text, or message an ex
For Gen Z, love is at a standstill.
The pandemic gave Mara (not her real name) the reprieve she needed from the pressure of getting married before 30. At 32, she is still single AF and she is not rushing-not when the virus still lurks.It's different
Alexa, play 'Future' by Red Velvet!
Whether you're #TeamDoSan or #TeamGoodBoy, the Netflix drama Start-Up has surely made an impact on us K-drama fans-not just for its main characters, but also for its relatable storyline about the struggles of chasing after our dreams. (
Meet Raoul Rossetti.
You've probably read Cosmo's story about one woman's ~*unforgettable*~ night with a male escort. One night, while she was feeling bored, curious, and a little lonely, Sherrie randomly looked up "male escorts" online. A a few
There's a reason why you feel like you've fallen in love immediately.
Love at first sight: it's the plot of basically every romantic comedy ever, but is it really possible to fall in love with someone the moment you see them? We've probably all spotted someone we fancy really badly
The stars really do know all.
Thank u, next. Moving on from a relationship is never easy. But that doesn't mean you should wallow forever. Truth is, you're better off now. But in case you need reminding of that fact, here's a definitive *reality
And other fun date ideas for when you celebrate at home.
The COVID-19 pandemic has been keeping us all apart. Because of the quarantine and social distancing, some couples right now are *literally* in a long-distance relationship. Activities like dining in at restaurants, watching movies in cinemas, and even traveling have
We all come as a pair in the zodiac!
Each star sign has an opposite sign; one which is six spaces along from it, and therefore sits opposite it on the ~zodiac wheel~. Quite literally, the chemistry here is all about ~opposites attract~, and these sign pairings find themselves irresistibly drawn
Plus, what you should do if you're considering it.
Exes trying to get back into your life can feel irritating or confusing at the best of times. But it seems that during the coronavirus pandemic, re-emerging exes has become a big thing. But why are so many exes popping back
Let's test your compatibility, shall we?
Look, everyone is obsessed with personality tests (and for good reason). They're similar to horoscopes and astrology, in that they not only give people something to believe in about themselves, but provide a glimpse of why others act the way
'I cheated on him and didn't feel guilty.'
Sometimes, a relationship deteriorates over time until you realize you're just flogging a dead old horse. And sometimes, falling out of love with someone can just creep up on you out of nowhere. Either way, it's hard to
'When I need me time, give me that time.'
Healthy relationships require many things: laughter, respect, and communication to name a few. But boundaries are also really important. Setting boundaries in a relationship means your SO knows what you need, expect, and how to navigate that to make sure you'
And it didn't mean their relationships were doomed.
Most people in relationships have arguments, and that's normal. But for some reason (pop culture, romantic comedies, romantic novels...) some of us believe a healthy relationship involves never having a fight. To prove this wrong, people in happy relationships are
It's time to get creative.
To control the rapid spread of COVID-19, governments from all over the world have imposed lockdown and community quarantine rules. People are advised to just stay at home unless they need to go out to buy essential goods like food and
'When people close to him told him in front of me that he needed to treat me better.'
Being in a relationship should enrich our lives, but sadly so many of our romantic relationships are unhealthy or toxic. Poor relationship education means we often don't know what's right and wrong, or where our personal boundaries should
'Since I've always been single, that's just the norm to me.'
Although being single is slowly being normalized, we still seem to default to being in a relationship as the norm. Many of us who have been through horrible breakups and toxic relationships might look at someone who hasn't experienced being