And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson.
There's always been this stigma when an older woman dates a younger guy. Some women just aren't wholly sold on the idea of being in a relationship with a man younger than them. May it be the fear to be
"He only ever hit me once, but the brutality of his tongue was as cutting as a punch in the face."
It's four years since I made the bravest decision of my life-to leave my mentally abusive relationship. Yet my ex-husband still thinks he can manipulate me-which is one of the reasons I want to share my story with
Yep, "The Player" and "The Possessive Guy" are in this list.
1. The Faux Sensitive NerdHe may be quiet most of the time and be deemed as a "shy guy," but then one day he says something that indicates he suuuuuper has rage issues, usually with women, and you will be terrified. We'
For one, he doesn't get to smell your poop.
1. You don't have to factor him into your apartment search. Believe me, it's twice as hard finding a place when you've got to accommodate another person's requirements for a home. 2. You get the bed all to
Friendship is just as important to us as it is to you. To strengthen the relationship, don't let the romance get between the bromance.
It's never fun when a girlfriend does not approve of our barkada. Our friends are our chosen family, an extension of relationships built and nourished over time. Now imagine your significant other constantly pissed and irritated at the people you can
For 2013, spice up your relationship and learn more about each other!
Doing new things is great for your relationship, multiple studies say, mainly because fresh experiences give you the same rush you feel during that infatuation stage. And since you always want to dig deeper into what makes each other tick, here are
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