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Girl, you need a break
Sure, you always have tons of things to do, and working from home has seemingly amplified that with longer shifts and diminishing boundaries. So unless it's part of your contract, put your foot down and keep your weekends sacred. The
Clear your mind and stretch.
It's true, exercise has a lot of physical benefits. It can lower the risk of chronic disease, build your muscles and bones, improve sleep quality, and increase your energy levels. But we often forget that the mind and body are linked:
Light some candles, put on a face mask, and let your worries melt away.
Got a bad case of cabin fever? The restlessness and claustrophobia caused by spending days on end stuck in the same place can be difficult to overcome, especially when changing scenery isn't an option. Instead, we suggest trying to make
They're super easy to do!
With the amount of news we've been receiving daily, it's no secret that some of us are feeling overwhelmed and stressed lately. These emotions cause our muscles to contract to show how we're *really* feeling. Repeated
Put your headphones on.
ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is described by as the satisfying and relaxing sensation that one experiences when she hears certain sounds or watches a particular video. Whispering, chopping, and tapping are just some sounds that can calm someone down.
For when you just need to zone out for a bit.
Living in the Philippines means playing the game of life on extra-difficult mode-but the past few weeks have been something else entirely. If you want to zone out for a bit and quiet down all the scary thoughts, you can
Hit reset.
You survived a stressful week-deadlines, meetings, and personal battles. You deserve to relax and recharge. It's time to show a little love to your tired mind and body. To help you unwind, we prepared a calming unready routine so
Was staying in a pod for more than hour *really* relaxing?
When I was offered a chance to try a saltwater float at Float Manila, I immediately said yes-even if I only had a vague idea of what the treatment was. The words "saltwater float" conjured up an image of myself lying
Sitting quietly isn't the only thing that helps you calm down.
Sure, meditation chills you out, alleviates pain, improves your mood, plus helps you think clearer and sleep better. But it's not for everyone. If sitting quietly with your eyes closed just isn't your thing, here are 14 other ways you
Feeling overworked?
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation, and healing. It was developed by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui in 1922 and has been adapted into different techniques around the world. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on
Road rage kicking in? Ease the tension by trying out some calming yoga techniques. That's right, there are some useful moves you can try from behind the wheel!
Driving in Manila can stress out anyone. Whether it's bumper-to-bumper traffic, forgetting directions, or that random driver who cuts into your lane unannounced, these sources of stress could be deadly, as reported in a recent study by the Queensland
From her United Nations advocacy to her dress-down personality to her "me"-time musts--the glowing TV host gets real with Cosmo!
It's not every day that you meet someone like Cesca Litton, who is willing to spend her break from her busy schedule throwing herself into advocacy work for orphans and animals-- all the way in South Africa.Along with her best
Is your guy stressing out over work and personal woes? Be the model girlfriend with these sweet and thoughtful gestures.
1. Write him a love letter. Improve his mood by sneaking a love note in his pocket before he leaves for work. "[People get] a wonderful feeling when they receive a surprise card," confirms Dr. Daniel A. Pepe, Ph.D., author of
Before you unleash some <i>nega</i> out into the world, take a quick breather. You'd be surprised how easy it is to calm down from a stressful state of mind.
Try a DIY rubdown.Stuck in traffic? Ease away your woes by keeping a mini massager in the car and run it over your knotted muscles when you need to.Get Zen.Calm your mind by putting on some feel-good music.
The holidays may have been fun, but you've got to admit they were stressful. Retreat to a spa for some relaxing me-time or R&R sesh with your girls to feel brand new.
Start the year with a clear head and a revitalized outlook on life by ridding yourself of the toxins and stress that troubled you in 2011. If you're in need of a pick-me-up, or just want to find a
Create a comfy space in your living room for you and your guy to claim as your "get-cozy spot." Here's how.
After a long and tiring day, cuddling up to your man can be the greatest reward. Creating a comfy space just for relaxing can instantly chill you out and make snuggling with him twice as nice. Here are four things you can
Are stress and fatigue taking over your life--and <i>love</i> life? Hit the new spa that lets you (and your man) indulge in face and body treatments in such plush facilities.
With reports from Trixie ReynaStress can bring even the best of us down. The trick to staying on top of it is to set aside time to relax and take a much-deserved break. The problem is, whenever we do get free
You don't have to spend much on these soothing ideas for unwinding together.
Just chilling out with your man can give you a surge of feel-good vibes. Boost that potential with these ideas:1. Go for a sunny stroll.Dress down and take an arm-in-arm walk through your neighborhood on a breezy
When you're really stressed, sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. Follow these tips for relaxing to the core.
Feeling tired and overworked? Make the most of your precious free time by regaining your strength, simply by making a few adjustments to your daily routine. This long weekend, allow yourself moments to just chill out with no other agenda other than
Is the heat causing you more stress? No need to go for one-time spa treatments. Here are ways you can pamper yourself and relax in the comforts of your own home.