Do gender roles have a place in 2017?
By now you've probably already heard of the hullaballoo surrounding PBA player Doug Kramer and his wife, model/actress Chesca Kramer. For those of you who haven't gotten to sip the tea, here is the Facebook post which has garnered
For a society with so many brothels, these people sure do place a lot of stock in their gods.
Almost everything on Game of Thrones is complicated-the family trees, the politics, the geography, the languages, etc. You name it, it's harder to understand than whatever's going on this week on say, Riverdale. This extra thorough level of detail
It marks a religious event for Catholics.
UPDATE AS OF DECEMBER 6, 2017: If House Bill No. 5241 is approved by the Senate, December 8 will be declared a special non-working holiday. [via The Philippine Star]***"The House of Representatives unanimously passed on third and final reading House
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