For one of ~those~ days.
Sometimes you're just in the mood for some classic feel-good films-after all, you can only watch so many murder docs before you need a few happy tears in your life. From Legally Blonde to Bridget Jones, we'
She addressed the tabloids that have made a sport out of writing nasty articles on how Hollywood actresses look.
After years of being slammed by tabloids for her appearance, actress Renee Zellweger finally struck back by writing an emotionally charged essay for the Huffington Post. The actress, who's reprising one of her most famous roles in the upcoming Bridget Jones'
Warning: Don't try this IRL, CGs, unless your goal is to elevate your cholesterol level all the way to the ER.
Last month we featured the craziest diets Hollywood celebs underwent for movie roles. This time we're showing you how celebs did the complete opposite-gain immediate weight for plump roles. 1. Renée ZellweggerTo play the lead in 2001's Bridget
Leave her alone!
UPDATED: Renee has responded to the online feedback about her look via Read on!***45-year-old actress Renée Zellwegger looked completely unrecognizable when she attended Elle's 21st Annual Women In Hollywood Awards on October 21. It's
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