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It's already 2020, and it's high time that you ditch bad beauty habits you've been practicing all your life. Unlearning these will help you score healthier hair and clearer skin in the future. It may take
Here's Ryza being a much-needed savings inspo for 2020.
With 2020 just around the corner, people are starting to share their new year's resolutions. And just like any other year, one of the most common goals is to "spend less and save more."But after our yearly attempt to
Don't underestimate how close #1 can bring you.
While the new year can be a great time to kickstart personal resolutions and habits, embarking on resolutions with a partner can also be a wise move. Not only do you have a buddy to make sure you actually follow through, but
Don't give up on love.
Dating as a single girl in your 20s is hard, but dating as a single girl in your 30s is harder. By this time, you've been scarred a number of times, and are no longer as hopeful about love as you
If the same thing keeps happening again, girl, maybe it's you, not him.
It's okay not to get everything right all at once, but if the love problems you had in 2015 were the exact same love problems you faced in 2012 (or worse, for the past five years, maybe just with different guys),
The soonest you achieve these, the better off you'll be.
Feel free to reject the advice of men as you go through the year; they'll take it all in stride. But if you're interested, read on!Never settle.And we're not just talking about guys here (though it would
Having trouble getting started on your bucket list? Get some inspiration from the Cosmo staff's resolutions this year.
Ring in the New Year with a better version of yourself! We asked Cosmo readers if they'll be making bucket lists for 2013, and 68% said they're eager to start anew with a few life changes in mind. We got
With the right planning, direction, and a ballsy attitude, you can change your ho-hum life. Here, four ways to start seeing a bolder, more <i>bongga</i> you.
There are six months left to enjoy the rest of the year, and you're probably thinking of ways to get a jump on the year ahead. Hitting the gym, getting organized, tossing all the clothes you never wear...they're all
Clashing sex styles, the parent predicament, the toilet seat feud--learn how you can avoid these common relationship conflicts by compromising with your man.
You know those certain conflicts between you and your guy that just keep recurring, until you're about ready to go psycho on him? Well, we came up with a more logical strategy for finding common ground: Compromise. Here are 12 common
Let this hunky star inspire you to make a healthy resolution this summer, as he shares what he resolves to do--and what he wishes you'll do for yourself.
Derek Ramsay is definitely our poster boy for summer. He's tanned, he's sporty, he's got a hot bod, and he lives a healthy lifestyle we all wish we can emulate--but how? Well, when we got to chat with columnist Bianca Valerio lists down 10 essential questions to ask yourself as you try to move on from the past and start the year right.
Another year has passed. An important question to ask yourself now is: What resolutions have you already started this January? Because time flies so quickly, many of us question how we should go about starting another year, especially with one more damn
Nothing makes a gal feel as fab as the sensation of having been a good Samaritan. Make it your resolution to be one this year (and always). Here's how it's done!
1. Be an online angel.Not doing your bit for humanity? Log on to a chatroom or your online friends network, and scroll through the posts to find someone who needs info, encouragement, or a friend. Be somebody's hero today!2.
To achieve your New Year's resolutions this time, columnist Bianca Valerio suggests taking baby steps. See how she applies this on this common goal among women: to lose weight.
Every year brings in new resolutions--even if we haven't yet accomplished those we made the previous year. The problem with resolutions is that we can get discouraged by the pressure and (for the most part) disappointments that pile up as
The glowing actress doesn't believe we need resolutions to change ourselves.
Many of us like to make promises to ourselves every New Year in the form of resolutions. Some of us like to challenge ourselves with big promises, while others prefer simpler, easily achievable ones. If you're the type who does the