...and answering over and over again.
Let's be real. Not a lot of people would understand why a girl needs ten different pairs of white sneakers or why she would wear fur in the tropics. Fashion is not exactly everyone's cup of tea, and those who
Let's get real, girl!
Whether it's about you gaining weight, the way you look, or anything concerning your love life, there will be people who would comment about your eating habits and would give you unsolicited advice. It may come from a family relative like
'Pangarap ko talaga maging panda.'
What do you do when someone tells you that you look tired, pagod, haggard? Here are seven snappy responses you can say once someone makes unwanted remarks on how you look. "It's exhausting to be fabulous.""Ganon talaga kapag hardworking." "Thanks
Keep it sassy.
Whether it comes in the form of an unsolicited comment from your nosy tita during a family reunion or an unwanted greeting from a tactless officemate, this phrase can definitely be annoying. Even though it's meant as a joke, it can
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