No, I don't hate you, I'm just not bubbly.
I'm not sure at what point I started using "intense" as a catch-all descriptor for my personality, but I've been doing so for a while and it fits. It's basically a euphemism for being "serious,"
You're not really mad. It's just your resting b*tch face.
Do you wear a permanent nonchalant scowl even when you're not really in a bad mood? If you do, then you are one of many women with a RBF or "resting b*tch face", a scientifically-proven condition which means
There's a proposal to place 'Bawal ang masungit' signs in government hospitals.
We've all heard of those public hospital horror stories where patients-usually belonging to the marginally poor-are given rude treatment or turned away by doctors and nurses even during emergency situations.Due to this, Negros Oriential Rep. Arnolfo Teves Jr.
This. Is. Just. My. Face.
While I firmly believe that Resting Bitch Face is actually just "a woman having a face that doesn't always look happy," aka the same face men have, it doesn't seem like that term is going anywhere. Since the label is
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