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They teamed up with Italian entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni to make it!
For newbie home brewers and caffeine addicts with no time (or patience) to whip up fresh cups of joe from scratch, capsule-coffee machines are a great option for homemade coffee as they provide a quick and user-friendly way to prepare
Check out these beautiful sweet creations!
Those who are close to me know that I love cakes and I find flower bouquets lovely. So when I discovered this local bakeshop that sells beautiful floral cakes, I got excited. The flower icing design looks like a real floral garden!
They're crazy big.
Confession: I miss dining in restos, especially when I'm with my friends. One fond memory I had pre-pandemic was a dumpling binge-fest at a Chinese restaurant. I remember my food trip buddy and I were just busy shoving
We're always down for some dumplings!
Dumpling lovers, we have some good news for you! Taiwanese restaurant Din Tai Fung announced that their famous pork xiao long bao is now available in frozen packs at select SM Supermarket and Savemore branches around the metro.IT'S TIME
Newbie coffee enthusiasts, this one is for you.
I must admit this shallow thing I miss when I was still working in Mandaluyong was there were a lot of café options. There's just something about my iced coffee habit that helped me function. I also miss the chill ~
Stock your freezer with ready-to-cook food packs from 8cuts and Shawa Wama, too!
The Moment Group, the company behind restaurants like Manam, Din Tai Fung, 8Cuts, and Shawa Wama, launched Moment the Grocer where you can shop for cook-to-eat versions of meals from their famous restaurants. Each cook-to-eat pack includes all
Make room in your freezer for these frozen dim sum packs.
When you need food that's quick to prepare, food that is good on its own, but at the same time can easily be paired with rice or noodles, a pack of frozen dim sum is what you're looking
No need to step out to get your coffee fix.
For a lot of us, a cup of coffee from our fave coffee shops has always been part of our daily routines. Unfortunately, since quarantine measures were put into place, we haven't had the opportunity to get our ~*caffeine fix*~ from
P650 for a whole slab!
Imagine pulling apart sticky sweet baby back ribs, and biting off that soft meat 'til you've cleaned out the bone. Yup, that is the delight that's now available to you as Chili's has made a number of favorite dishes