'Is it too late now to say sorry?'—to my bank account.
Justin Bieber is engaged! And judging by the size of the ring he put on Hailey Baldwin's finger after a month of dating, he has ton$ of ca$h. Which yeah, makes sense considering he's been famous since
She's crazy rich, FYI.
While most of us have no tears left to cry after looking at our bank accounts, Ariana Grande has a balance even higher than her ponytail, which, as we all know, is high AF.At just 24 years old, Ariana is worth
Spoiler: She's VERY rich.
You know that feeling when you stare at your bank account and you're just like womp-womp-womp. Yeah, Katy Perry never has that.Thanks to an extremely impressive music career and a ton of endorsements, the 33-year-old
They bought so many cars. (Too many cars!)
Kendall and Kylie Jenner are the ultimate rich-girls of Instagram/America/the world, and 2016 was no exception for the famous sisters. Here's a look back at 17 of their craziest, most lavish moments:Kendall spent the holiday in a
She's up 22 places from last year!
Katy Perry is music's biggest earner of the past year, thanks to her sold-out Prismatic world tour and a series of lucrative endorsements.The singer hauled in a whopping $135 million in 2015, according to finance magazine Forbes' annual Rich
It's time to get serious about your finances.
How many times have you found yourself scrolling through your Facebook feed and seeing your high school batchmate's status update about her new car/designer bag/condo, while thinking how you can't even make it until the next payday? If
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